Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Remarks at Council of Foreign Relations July 2010

“Thank you Richard and thank you all for giving me the opportunity to spend [some time and discuss] the urgent problems of the day.” Sex in the madness – metaphor – getting stimulation from the problems

“So I think there’s a much greater meeting of the minds between President [Obama and me] on how to move forward at this time.” In the mob – in with the crowd

“They poured missiles and rockets into it [and they were soon fired into] Israel. 12,000 rockets and missiles in total on an area I think slightly smaller than New Jersey.” They love missile in it – congruent reversal

“100s, many 100s of road blocks, check points, earth ramps to facilitate movement [in the Palestin]ian areas. There is a sort of economic miracle.” They slop in it – the Palestinians giving them problems

“To encourage the Palestinians to enter the peace talks. So far 7 months has passed, they haven’t come in. [They should come in]. They should have come in yesterday.” You muck your shit – the Palestinians creating worse problems

“And people dismissed Begin and they dismissed Sadat. You should read the mountains of [skeptical] print.” Walk with hex – metaphor – a strong negative force accompanies him

“You composite a lot of things that [can happen in the] region. Israel is a great economic engine, a ??? of creativity. Its probably the most innovative, I don’t think there’s a more innovative society on earth, a more innovative economy.” And then they panic – incongruent reversal

“We have internally, we can do this in the region and we can bring a different [life, a different reality] to our children, the Palestinian children and the other peoples of the region who choose to partake in this vision of peace with us.” Hear the lie, you will feed the foul – incongruent reversal

“I was given the honor of addressing the joint session of the US congress and i said then that the greatest danger facing the world was the threat of Iran developing nuclear weapons.” Honest remarks – congruent reversal

“Actually the problem in many catastrophic periods of history was that there was no understanding. That is a prelude to correct action.” You rape the fox – unknown – who is the fox?

“As well as the recent congressional sanctions bill signed by President [Obama last week]. The UN sanctions are important because they send a message to that regime.” You sell a mob – selling his agenda

“Iran empowers Hamas with rockets, has overtaken Gaza and half of the Palestinian politics. Iran has sent saboteurs.” The boss mess – unknown

“7 months into this 10 month moratorium, the Palestinians have [not yet come in] but they already argue you’ve got to extend that gesture.” They muck the gun – unknown – possibly causing problems