Inside the Mind of George W Bush


The following analysis of George W. Bush has been prepared by compiling several of the speech reversals that we have found on him during the period 2000-2004. The analysis is given together with the reversal in parenthesis that support our conclusions. This is not a complete analysis as only a small handful of his speeches have been analysed and speech reversals on George Bush are typically very hard to find. We believe this is because he is a highly skilled public speaker and follows his script very closely. Speech reversals occur most frequently in casual, relaxed conversations or situations of high rapport, and least frequently in highly controlled, emotionless speech. The analysis has been determined by applying the principal of speech complementarity (the forwards and reverse relate to each other), determining the reverse speech category in each instance, and then drawing a conclusion. More analysis information is here. If you have any insights that may assist us in our overall conclusions please email us with your comments to

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Our analysis of George W. Bush begins on the election campaign trail while he was running for President in 2000. On the surface he seemed confident and assured, exercising strong internal discipline (Hear the Lord with self, and feel the boss), but there was also a fear of not doing it right and possibly losing the election (I know you’re blowing it / you’re losing).

He appeared to be strong on the issues, such as this reversal when talking about being against the legalisation of marijuana (I shall deal with dope). There is also the following reversal (I will consider it), when he was talking about reducing nuclear tension and creating peace. Another theme that appears in the early days is a reliance on the support and opinion of his family (Yes, your mother said yes, little babe).

There is an edge to Bush, however, that surfaces in the election campaign as he talks about the murder of a black man (Hide the filthy nigger). This theme continues throughout his presidency with reversals of contempt against both the Senate and Congress (Senate, they’re all first year losers – and – Choke the fuckers now).

George Bush starts to really shine as a strong leader after 911. He is determined that there will be no more terrorist attacks from the skies (Sky see the limit with terror). He is avowed to fight the terrorists (I am avowed), and he will lay down the law to them (I must reveal the law). However, we get a hint of ulterior motive and a possible family connection in this reversal (Rule the planet, Dad). Does he intend to use the terrorist situation to solidify world power with his family connections?

Also of concern, is this reversal as he talks about America (I sealed her drama). Did his actions somehow ensure the drama that America was to face? Nevertheless, he is certainly grateful to America’s armed forces in the war effort (I feel grateful), and he clearly sees himself as the man for the job when it comes to defence (Yes and I needed the job).

Whilst Bush is strong on war and defence, he is not as congruent when it comes to domestic issues. He understands the dream that Americans have had, and the effort they have expended to achieve this dream (They’ve had a dream / Theres double effort),  but his reversals are incongruent when he talks about specific actions. As he talks about tax cuts for the middle class, we hear these two reversals (You cant do it / Renege on it). During a speech about retirement security he indicates "Big Brother" motives (And America wants her file on it.), and in this speech as he talks about America’s energy policy he indicates that all is not as it seems (It sells the scam they know). As he talks about corporate corruption, he indicates doubts that anything will be done (We’re doubtful we will beat them).

When it comes to foreign policy, Bush seemed to be running at least two different agenda at once during 2002. On one hand, he was laying the path for peace (Our ways are friendly – and – We send a path), yet on the other hand he was creating a coalition for war. There are concerns though about the reasons for the coalition (A crime with us, yes and I need the laws). What is the crime he is referring to?

In mid 2002, it is obvious his mind is on Iraq (Mess Iraq – and – Begin with Iraq), and he is already thinking about ways to execute the war with his coalition partners (Kill them with the friendly London). He has power and he will use it (I got power).

In early 2003 Bush starts to put his foot down even more (We’ll chase the crime we’re getting / Man, they had it). He was capturing terrorists (See them in a cell) and two weeks prior to the commencement of hostilities in Iraq, he had already made up his mind (We will sit in Bagdad – and – And the shows over). America was going into Iraq, and George Bush was going to get "the dickhead", Saddam Hussein (We’ll ban the dickhead). As usual, Bush is determined to win (I will beat this silly business) and went in with force determined to kill as many as he could ( May the devil go on ahead – and – You’ll fuck ’em dead ). Ironically, as he tells Iraqis that their liberation is at hand, his reversal tells what he is also giving them (I give missile).

His reversal as he declared victory in Iraq seems to sum it up (Wrecked that office in Iraq).

As America prepares to hand over power to Iraq in mid 2004, Bush appears to still desire influence in the Iraqi governing council (Usurp the law on it – and – Hear the boss). There may also be military reasons for them wanting to stay in Iraq (We need a navy). Bush also seems to be under new pressures, sensitive issues around the use of the armed forces (Our issues here are so sensitive), and possibly a political battle (Feel the battle). Then there is this reversal, as he talks about continuing terrorist threats, that leads one to wonder what exactly is he doing with the armed forces (Stealth, misuse it).

On the domestic front Bush remains incongruent, with one reversal implying he is seeking money to fund his initiatives (C’mon, pay the plan) and another, as he talks about veterans, indicating no money is available (I have no money). Is Bush spending too much money?

Now, as he seeks re-election in November 2004 the influence he can gain as he lectures is high in his mind (Served by the influence). However, so is his edge as seen in this reversal, seemingly addressing his own administration (And the sheriff’s an imbecile). (Note. Ironically, this headline appeared a few days after I posted this reversal, denouncing Bush as an imbecile, – Bush was talking about his administration forward when this reversal occurred, was he referring himself as the Sheriff?)

And finally, we are only left wondering as George Bush says forwards that he doesn’t want to be a war President and then says in reverse, Hell sickness, I wish you were master. Master? Mmm. Maybe he does want to rule the planet?


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