Hillary Clinton Campaign Rally

February 2008


Hillary is very incongruent in this speech. The current battle between her and Obama may be getting to her.

Click on the reversal to hear the mp3 file. The exact forward words where the reversals occurred are marked with brackets – [ ]

“Thank you, thank you so [much. Congressman ??? thank you]. Oh, it is so wonderful to be here.” We can’t say and yes you botched up (As she begins her speech she reminds herself that she cant tell people things have been botched up.)

“There are so many who have [come tonight] and who have helped make this extraordinary event possible.” Beyond this muck (They are trying to see beyond the muck, or damage this campaign is suffering after successive defeats.)

“But it doesn’t happen just by wishing it or hoping for it, it happens by working really really hard to make it a [reality] to give everybody a better chance.” They could hear the lie (She is lying and she knows they know it.)

“They can’t fill up their gas tanks. They’re looking for answers. And then I meet [all of the people who] want to solve the problems. The young people who are focused on a better future and want to make it happen.” We will beat with the war (Unsure. Will she continue the war in Iraq?)

“I want to give people a chance to [work out a way] to stay in their homes.” Yeah, would I go (She is getting into rapport with the people. Would she want to leave her home?)

“An energy reliance on [unstable regi]mes and all of the problems that comes from that.” You will be a snot (Unsure who “you” is but if the reversal is internal dialogue she predicting some rather sour mood changes for herself.)