Greg Albrecht’s Speech Reversals


Here are a selected few reversals found by Greg Albrecht as documented in his new book "Beyond Reverse Speech" This section covers Hindu and Eastern metaphors, and some extracts from Gregs book are included below to assist you in understanding these examples.

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Speech Reversals

Taken from Extracts of Greg’s demo tape.


Shiva the winner.


Here you love Krishna.


Without Shiva, you don’t really have yeast.


Here Shiva, you must not shoot, they said.


Skin is old and Krishna gives only pain.


But we see the loin at Krishna’s Noel.


Indra, Gandhi.


Pharaoh, Great God.


I’m not with Yahweh.


Ya will find me with no respect. Ya fancy Krishna. He’ll die.


Poor people. Shiva ill.


Shiva’s Nigger.


He who hates Shiva.


Its all for Shiva.


Need him, Shiva (siva).


So I love the Lord Krishna forever. (Nelson Mandela)


Zulus for Krishna.


Krishna for his nigger.


Sail on Krishna.


You’re no Christ. I see Shiva.


Relation, the negro.


Two extracts from Greg’s Demo Tape


Extract One


Extract Two