Exposing the Alternate World with Reverse Speech

By Michael Goodspeed


Over the past several months, I’ve been doing reversal work on some of the most noted figures in the world of alternative thinking. These include Whitley Strieber, Richard Hoagland, Peter Gersten, Sherman Skolnick, Jeff Rense, Lloyd Pye, and Dr. Bruce Goldberg. They are people whom I have long been interested in, and in some cases, have had great admiration and respect for. To say that their reversals have served as a rude awakening would be a profound understatement.

I’ve been a member of the alternative community for just over 10 months now, since I began doing my internet show with the Extraordinary News Network. I’ve met and have interviewed some of the people I’ve done reversals on, including including Goldberg and Rense. I realize that in presenting “negative” reversals on these folks, I run the risk of developing a reputation as a naysayer, a debunker, and/or a Bell basher. Anyone who believes such things is profoundly ignorant, and should be aware of two important facts.

1) Reversals say what they say, irrespective of my personal opinions. I can’t coax a person into saying something in reverse that he/she doesn’t want to say.
2) I stand to gain nothing by angering the most popular members of the UFO community and other alternative disciplines.

Quite the opposite is true; I am the host of a paranormal internet-show, and need to maintain good professional relationships with all of my future guests.

I think that David Oates summed up the current state of the alternative world quite nicely in this editorial, which is posted at http://reversespeech.com/reversal/reversals-by-michael-goodspeed-2/: “I have (been) posting Michael’s reversals on alternate leaders for several months now. To say they are disappointing is a bit of an understatement. They show most of them to (be) hoodlums and delusional thieves. I find it very ironic that Reverse Speech was embraced with open arms by the alternate community in the States as the ultimate means of finding the corruption in the US government and its agencies, and then it was dropped like a sack of hot potatoes when it began to turn its attention onto the very people who wanted it to expose lies and corruption and found the same lies and corruption in them. This is very sad. The alternate and paranormal scene will never be taken seriously while opportunists and crooks continue to haunt its ranks and they are not only tolerated but practically worshipped by the rank and file.”

For those of you who share our disillusionment and frustration with key figures in the alternative world, here are some examples of their sometimes funny and often disturbing reversals.

Sherman Skolnick has been one of America’s most famous political conspiracy theorists for the past 4 decades. He is a regular guest on Jeff Rense’s “Sightings” program and has claimed in the past, among other things, that Monica Lewinsky is a double-agent working for the Israeli government, Bill Clinton is the illegitimate grandson of JD Rockefeller, JFK JR was assassinated because he was planning to run for president, and that Ken Starr is best-buddies with Bill Clinton and was hand-picked by Janet Reno because she knew he’d go easy on him. What evidence has he ever presented to substantiate these outrageous claims? Nothing to date, though he swears he’s protecting the anonymity of his many “government sources.” Are these the same government sources that told Richard Hoagland asteroids were going to pulverize the earth on November 7th?

Skolnick’s reversals are quite funny, because of his apparent obsession with a certain late-night talk show host who’s name rings a Bell. On the July 18th show that Skolnick did with Rense on the JFK Jr.”shoot-down,” Skolnick says in reverse, “Art Bell will beat the shit.” What does he mean by this? Perhaps he’s referring to Bell’s insistence to “beat” through to his audience continuous hoaxes and frauds.

Skolnick’s references to Bell don’t stop there. Most amusing of all is his reversal which says, “Bell’s been our monkey business, scared!” Your MONKEY BUSINESS? Just what the hell does that mean? To my knowledge, Skolnick has never appeared on Bell’s show, at least not in the last several years, so whatever shenanigans the two might be up to are going on in private.

Another Skolnick reversal shows great anger and disrespect towards Art. He says in reverse, “Art Bell fagged it up.” I must adamantly make the point that this is a metaphoric reversal, one which reflect’s Skolnick’s own opinion about Bell; we should read nothing more into it than that. The term “fag” or “faggot”, like many racial and ethnic slurs, is a general term of disprespect that is directed towards people of all color, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

The weirdest Skolnick reversal of all says, “Bell, touch my feather.” Feather is a metaphor I have found quite often which often has deeply spiritual connotations. It seems to me that Skolnick is expressing a desire for Bell to have him on his show, and for whatever reason, Art refuses to comply.

I have also found two reversals on Jeff Rense from his July 18 show with Skolnick which have given me great pause. I must say, I have long been a big fan of Jeff’s; I’ve interviewed him and spoken with him on a personal level, and have found him to be a remarkably sincere and compassionate person. But I’ve come to realize something in the last several months; the only way any reverse speech analyst can maintain integrity is to present EVERYTHING he finds, without fear of stepping on the wrong toes.

The two clear reversals I found on Jeff are extremely revealing, and raise some serious issues that people should contemplate. The first reversal says, “Or we’ll suggest the bullshit.” Funny, since forwards, he was stating a need for restraint and caution among conspiracy theorists. My question is, if he thought he was suggesting bullshit to his audience, if he felt such profound skepticism about Skolnick’s theories, then WHY DID HE PRESENT IT ON THE AIR? Skolnick is a staple on Rense’s show and his website, and has presented some of the most spurious claims I have ever heard. I challenge anyone to point out a SINGLE claim he has made which has proven to be true. He accuses people of the most horrific crimes imaginable, and never provides a shred of solid evidence to back it up. Why anyone would continue to bend an ear to him is beyond me.

Rense’s second reversal is more of the same; it says, “I am a bitter witness,” which demonstrates that he’s unhappily playing with Skolnick’s crap, possibly for the sake of maintaining their friendship.

(Editor’s comment: Michael Goodspeed’s articles used to be featured reguarly on Jeff Rense’s web site but ALL have since been removed when he began to ask serious questions about certain alternate leaders. How can a radio show host who demands accountability from the government and condemns government coverups and censorship, conduct the very same activities upon which his show is based by censoring controversial opinions himself? This is not only wrong, it is hypocrisy.)

Other alternative figures haven’t faired much better under the scrutiny of reverse speech. Dr. Bruce Goldberg, a professional hypnotherapist and a proponent of such ideas as time travel, reincarnation, and alien abduction, has given some of the most troubling reversals I have ever heard.

From a show with Ken Daschow (The Edge of Reality) on time travel, Goldberg said in reverse, “We train this, the mark,” when talking about his therapy practice. This should causes huge alarm bells to go off with anyone even vaguely familiar with reverse speech. The word “mark” is a metaphoric term symbolic of severely dysfunctional spiritual energy, creating dysfunctional behavior. And what is Goldberg “training” people to do? Well, he claims he can teach people to travel backwards and forwards in time, to interact with ETs from other dimensions, and to relive past and even future lives. The potential damage he might be doing to his patients is enormous.

An even more troubling Goldberg reversal says, “The mark on wolf.” “Wolf” is a metaphor for one’s deepest spiritual self; it is the prime motivator behind all behavior. Having a mark on one’s wolf is probably the worst possible insight that can be revealed by reverse speech.

When I interviewed Goldberg for ExNews in the summer of 99, I could tell immediately that he is not someone who likes to be challenged. He rants and raves in an extraordinarily agitated manner, overwhelming his interviewer with so much information it becomes difficult to ask any intelligent questions.
This was amply demonstrated in Goldberg’s show with Daschow. Coming back from a commercial break, Goldberg says forwards to Daschow, “Ken, I noticed before the last break a hint of skepticism in your voice.” Backwards, Goldberg says quite clearly, “I’ll fuck with you.

Some people say that the chicanery of Goldberg is nothing more than harmless entertainment. Obviously, this idea is spurious; it borders on professional fraud for Goldberg to take thousands of dollars from patients who believe he can regress them to past lives and/or teleport them to another time. I don’t mean to sound too high and mighty, since I’ve interviewed some questionable guests myself, including Dr. Goldberg. However, I had enough sense to NOT ask Goldberg back for a second show. Why would I want to inflict such foolishness on my audience?

Peter Gersten, the self-proclaimed “UFO Lawyer” who is taking on the US Government in Phoenix right now, has given some reversals of great interest. On a recent appearances on Bell’s show, he says in reverse, “I am a sham of evil.

He went on to say, “The weather shit,” and “No more rape.” In an earlier show from 2 months ago, he said backwards, quite puzzlingly, “Someone needs to pick on.” You can make of those what you will.

Lloyd Pye is the founder of the Starchild Project, and proprietor of the alleged ET/Human skull. Pye’s reversals are intriguing, and in some ways, may provide support to his story. When speaking forwards about the mother of the so-called star-child, he says in reverse, “The master of the baby.” Another reversal says, “The laugh at Eden,” which may be an expression of his frustration with skeptics.

Other reversals on Pye are less encouraging. When speaking about his need to raise funds for further research, he says in reverse, “I am arrogant.” No crime in that, but it doesn’t exactly inspire trust either. He goes on to say, “This will be a Nazi,” when speaking of the StarChild Project. I found no reversals on Pye which specifically impugn the integrity of his work; we should withhold judgment until all the facts are in.

I’ve only found three reversals of any significance on Richard C. Hoagland. In a recent show with Gersten, Stephen Bassett and Bell, Hoagland says in reverse, “The shots said bullshit.” Some people have claimed that he may be referring to the “big-shots” at NASA. A far-less encouraging reversal says, “I’ll beat Jesus,” which some believe is indicative of megalomania. The last reversal says, “Sign the finance,” which could refer to just about anything.

As for the King of Late Night himself, believe it or not, I have only found two reversals which are clear enough to present publicly. This inspite of the fact that I’ve plowed through dozens, if not hundreds of hours of Art’s speech. Many other reverse speech enthusiasts have told me they have experienced the same thing. It’s dfficult to find clear reversals on any host (I have yet to get anything on Dr. Laura or Rush Limbaugh) but Art is an especially tough case to crack. I found one reversal from a show he did with Dames that says, “See sheep, they make a deal.” This is not the first time Art has apparently referred to his audience as sheep; Oates also has a reversal that says, “The sheep, they serve me.” I would guess that the recent sales of his book “The Coming Global Superstorm,” has done little to change Art’s opinion.

The other reversal I have on him relates to remote viewer Ingo Swann. Forwards he says, “We’re going to have Ingo Swann on again in the near future”; backwards, he says, “He’ll scan their evil one.

These are some of the most signficant reversals I’ve found on the alternative world, and by and large, they are extremely disheartening. People who present themselves as beacons of spiritual enlightenment, truth and compassion are often shameless hucksters and snakeoil salesmen. If reverse speech is to have any benefit for the alternative scene and society at large, then it should be used to point out the occasional poision apple in the bunch. Perhaps it’s no accident that Art Bell and Jeff Rense have effectively banished reverse speech from their shows. Are they doing so merely out of personal animosity towards Oates, or are they concerned that some of their “sacred cows”, i.e. Skolnick, Hoagland, Reed, et al, will be exposed as the frauds they might be?

All my reversals can be heard at http://reversespeech.com/reversal/reversals-by-michael-goodspeed-2/