Election Night 1996

[Download File] [Play Stream] Listen to reversals on the night of Tuesday’s election. This is the first reversal to occur on Clinton’s victory speech. Is it an ominous warning for the future? It says: "World will come to damn you."

[Download File] [Play Stream] Here, Bill Clinton Thanks his daughter Chelsea. The reversal says: "Annoyed by you growing." This is probably a normal Father’s reaction to a growing teenage daughter.

[Download File] [Play Stream] In this example, Clinton talks about taking Chelsea down to vote with him. The reversal says: "Feel the love with it."

[Download File] [Play Stream] Have I made this much of an impact? In this example Clinton talks about exploring the wonders of New Technologies. The reversal says: "Oates scare you."

[Download File] [Play Stream] In this example Clinton talks about his plans for education. The reversals pose a mystery. It says, "You’ve not seen the worry he’s telling us." It is vague who "He" is and what is the worry. But clearly Clinton is hiding something about education.