Edward Snowden November 2015

Edward Snowden


Edward – “We try to create paradigms where people [cannot only reveal] government wrong doing about serious violations and peoples rights on an individual and en mass of population big scale but that they can also be safe…” – Believe we’ll be more honest.


Edward – “..and the government has never at any point demonstrated any evidence of any harm that’s occurred as a result of these disclosures. And in [fact with each pass]ing year we see more and more evidence that this has done a tremendous public good.” – I cheat the crap.


Edward – “There is no longer a question of whether the NSA’s mass surveillance programs were legal or illegal, ah that’s actually been resolved in the ACLU vs. Clapper when it was ruled that these programs were, ah [unlawful. The issue that we’re] seeing in the courts and this is an ongoing things for the last 50 years is that courts won’t tell you whether or not a program is lawful or unlawful until you can prove that it actually exist.” – Prove initiative.


Edward – “When you have that you ultimately have to make a choice about what do you have a greater commitment to, the law or to justice and [that’s what], that’s what being a whistle-blower is about to me.” – So sad.


Edward – “..and there was one individual somewhere, ah who by interfering with sort of their, their ordinary operations ah by doing any kind of operation whether it was stealing their, ah their working materials, their journalistic materials or whether it was indeed ah, interacting with them in a physical nature which would basically ah, now I’m, [I’m not going as far as to say] they would be killed, I do think that is a little bit too far but the bottom line is you have to prepare journalists ah, who have never worked in intelligence who aren’t ah sort of they, they don’t have a history in the Central Intelligence Agency how seriously to take the reporting process. And when you say if you are the ???? if you make some mistake and advertise yourself as the one individual who the government can act against to stop this story they will do so. I think that’s a fair point (trails off).” – Yes it serves in Obama.