Donald Trump

Here are some reversals from a speech Donald Trump gave on May 11th 2011, a couple of days before he announced he would not be running for President of the United States in 2012. His reversals are mainly congruent and on topic.

Click on reversal to download mp3 file. The exact forward words where the reversal occurred are marked with brackets – [ ].

“Its a great honor to be here and I have to tell [you this is sort of] where it all started for me because in 1989 a friend of mine, a good friend of mine, said would you do me a favor and come up to New Hampshire and make a speech.” The loss is silly – this reversal is congruent with the theme of his entire speech – that America is making huge and disastrous financial losses.

“He’s holding them down now as long as he can because he wants to get through this election. But I said it before, I met with a great group of [folks and some of the] real community leaders and we had a very frank discussion. And I said look, if he gets in office I believe, I honestly believe that your taxes are going to go to a level where that they haven’t been in a long time.,” I mustn’t scoff – internal dialogue as tells himself to not make light of this issue.

“(Talking about Saddam Hussein) He did not knock down the World Trade Center, had nothing to do with it, and frankly [what he did] do is kill terrorists. You could not be a terrorist in Iraq. He would Kill you.” Did he help – congruent with the forward dialogue.

“And the President of China [comes to the United States] and we hold a beautiful evening at the White House for him. In other words we honor a man that’s taking advantage of this country.” Yes, did I need this muck – i suggest that this is internal dialogue, wondering if he needs all the hassles of Office.

“When I ordered the 4,000 televisions I said find an American company. I want to find an American company that makes them. We have the greatest people. Nobody could do it. [They can’t find a company]. There were little companies that made a couple. I need 4,000 televisions. That’s a lot of televisions.” The muck and I’ll fake it – unsure of the meaning of this reversal – maybe dissatisfaction about having to buy the televisions overseas.

“But when China manipulate[s their currency so they take] jobs out of New Hampshire and New England and you look at what’s happened in New England generally where NAFTA with everyone going down to Mexico.” Get your Aussie circus – meaning unknown – what business interests does he have in Australia?

“(Referring to the banks) But you know they’ve taken these tremendous subsidies, tremendous [subsidies, from the government] and now what they’re doing is they’re sitting on them and they’re not loaning money for that and that’s one of the big problems.” A bargain, I see this fuss – congruent with the forward speech