Donald Rumsfeld On Election 2016

Donald Rumsfeld Speaking About Election 2016 Reverse Speech Analysis

Donald Rumsfeld On Election 2016

Donald Rumsfeld is an American politician and served as the 13th Secretary of Defense from 1975 to 1977 under President Gerald Ford, and as the 21st Secretary of Defense from 2001 to 2006 under President George W. Bush. Rumsfeld was a three-term U.S. Congressman from Illinois, Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity, Counselor to the President, the United States Permanent Representative to NATO, and White House Chief of Staff. This analysis was done on several of his talks about the upcoming 2016 Presidential election.


Rumsfeld – “..secret, [or top secret, or]…” – Heard of his fucker.


Rumsfeld – “I also have another reason, and that’s that I think that, Sanders and Trump have hit a nerve in this country. And people in public life, or private life, or your business need to, to [not be dismissive of that].” – I fought for sense to give fun.


Rumsfeld – “Even someone cleared for top secret is not allowed access to those [compartments unless they have] a need to know.” – There’s always some profit.


Rumsfeld – “The information that, we spend billions of dollars gathering intelligence [as a country]. And once people outside know that we have that intelligence, they then can prevent us from getting additional intelligence through that source.” – You fuck us.


Rumsfeld – “Uh, the idea when people say to her, ‘well [who has the respons]ibility for classifying a document?’ and she says, ‘The State Department.’ As though a building is the one that has hands and can say secret, or top secret, or special compartmented information. I think it a, uh, a serious offense.” – I’m suicidal.


Rumsfeld – “Well we don’t know everything, we have to cooperate with other intelligence agencies. And so that it I, I, I really believe that if she were a Yoeman in the Navy, or a Seargant in, in, in the Army, or the Marine Corps, or [the Air Force], that-that-that uh, she’d be prosecuted.” – So afraid.


Rumsfeld – “I think even worse is, if you think of intelligence, you’ve got, offi[cial bus]iness, sensitive, confidential, secret, and top secret. And then you’ve got compartments, where even someone cleared for top secret is not allowed access to those compartments unless they have a need to know.” – Sir Bush.


Rumsfeld – “..and I’ve been told this, by one country already that,that it, it, that they would be, have to be much more care[ful about what they would] share with us.” – You’re with the wobble.


Rumsfeld – “..there’s bound to be a range of views, and I wouldn’t, I [could not vote for Mrs]. Clinton.” – December 4th I knew.


Rumsfeld – “.. Money that the Churchill peo[ple make, goes to the] Churchill Legacy. They’ve been very cooperative, and we- we, we’ve uh, we’ve enjoyed doing it, but it’s a challenging game. It’s strategic, it, it’s vastly more difficult because it involves two sets of cards and, and other complications. But it’s a lot fun. You start out as a Sandhurst Cadet as Churchill did and then you move up to Prime Minister and… (Interview) For everyone out there watching, download this app, you can now get it on Androids. Secretary Rumsfeld always nice to see you sir. (Rumesfeld) Thank you Greta good to be with you.” – Give the sword gamble.


Rumsfeld – “..and the person answered, and said, ‘act like a superpower.’ What’s happened is, we have created [a vacuum in the world]. So that all, all, all eyes are turning away from us. And, and the expectations have dropped. And our friends are less certain of our friendship, and our enemies are um, of a mind that they can do more, someone asked me, ‘what do you think Putin will do next?’ and I said, ‘whatever he thinks he can.” – Whirlwind and then we have it.