Donald Marshall Jr – Study of a Confused Mind

Donald Marshall Jr - Study of a Confused Mind

Donald Marshall Jr – Study of a Confused Mind

The Reversals of Donald Marshal

Donald Marshall Jr – Study of a Confused Mind – The following is a Reverse Speech analysis of a young man known as Donald Marshal Jr.. Donald Marshal Jr. claims to have intimate knowledge of advanced cloning operations being carried out by a race of lizards and the Illuminati. He claims the Illuminati and famous people such as Queen Elizabeth and Russian leader Putin are using the clones as sex slaves and eating human flesh. Furthermore, this plot goes right into the heart of Hollywood with several famous figures actually being heavily involved.

A more detailed examination of his claims and the audio we used to find these speech reversals is here –

The first thing that should be noted about his claims is that there are no reversals at all, not one, that are related to his story. When one is checking for truth and error in a persons statements one of the first things we look for are congruent reversals. These are reversals that communicate the same, or similar, message or add extra information to that message. For example, if Mr. Marshall had said, “I was in the cloning centre and I saw the clones,” and he had a reversal that said, “I was there,” or “The cloning tubes were large,” then we could conclude that he is telling a true story.

However, what we do find on Mr. Marshals reversals is a disturbed and confused mind, with reversals such as “Muck inside my head,” “Help, you are sick,” and “He keeps his madness.” Furthermore, he is wrestling with some strong inner emotions and these emotions are partially responsible for his story, “And I suffered,” “The guilt,” “Grief would say this,” and “So sad.”

It is possible that some of his story has been created from his own fantasies, with this reversal, “Your dreams,” and “You make your bad,” implying he has unconsciously created this story. The reasons for this creation would partially be the mental torment that we have previously noted. However, the vast majority of his story is a straight out lie with reversals such as, “This is not honest,” “I said doubts,” “We fake it,” and “My bullshit.” Part of his motivation is to obtain notoriety with reversals such as “I live when they look, (0r take notice of me,)” and “Feel I wanted a bud (buddy).”

Other than these small clues into his motivation and veracity, most reversals make absolutely no sense which is the classic sign of a delusional mind. Some examples are, “Earning if you rent,” “The mailmen suffer,” “We’ll miss the brain,” and “They’re dying in Brazil.”

In conclusion, Donald Marshal Jr. is a disturbed man who is dealing with a troubled mind. He is seeking notoriety and his entire story is bogus.



Marshall – “Just the Facebook, oh I have a site about these lizards, Vrill lizards, Vrillizards at [webs dot] com. It’s about those…” – Good God’s spell.


Marshall – “..picture this, I’m memory repressed about everything, couldn’t remember anything, I’m still getting [side effects from this], um, about I was memory repressed about the cloning stuff until I was 30 years old, they call it the awakening when they give you back the memories.” – Send my stuff with our sign.


Marshall – “And uh, my family’s there, my family members [and everything and er] they said they’re not going to lie on a lie detector test about it, it’s pretty big.” – Earning if you rent.


Marshall – “Now there’s replication cloning where it comes up as a baby, right, put the cells in and make the [same person a]s a baby, well there’s duplication cloning as well where they grow you in a big thick tank full of water.” – Then serve the mess.


Marshall – “Somebody said something about the mark 1 to 4 clones [and the first one being the organic] robotoid and that’s what it was called even though there’s no robotic parts in it at all.” – And they go for lock, need more surfing.


Marshall – “But now they said they’ve upgraded the technology in the last 10 years and now they only need blood, [what they used to do with the tissue]…” – We shit through its evil.


Marshall – “It has to agitate the tissue they told me when I was a kid to a certain degree I guess like, they said the easiest way to tell [a person’s in layman’s terms about it is], you know you have a hang nail and you pull it off and the white stuff that accumulates inside…” – See love was nursed, the mailmen suffer.


Marshall – “Well Britney Spears made a video about this place cos the thing was to get advertised and promoted and stuff she had to basically [sell her clone], ah use of her clone at the cloning centre so the thing was she signed up right away think…” – Mock her voice.


Marshall – “..the other ones they keep them for back up bodies until they wear out [the first one ah] sex wise, you know I’m not trying to be vulgar or anything, they do a lot of vulgar stuff there.” – And I suffered.


Marshall – “ also has another floor devoted to gene splicing, you should see some of the stuff I’ve seen, beaver, rats [and all kinds of] stuff, they’re trying to make weapons for war and they showed me everything and they thought I was loyal, they started showing me everything. They totally thought I was loyal.” – This is not honest.


Marshall – “Not yet no, I haven’t had one available but the thing is it’s so wide [spread, this, er] the corruption stuff it’s even bigger than what you truthers think that it is.” – I said doubts.


Marshall – “The queen of England is there and she eats people, and there’s lizards there, no she said demons, [some people call them demons], they call themselves demons, well then there’s demons there, they listen to her.” – I need the lock, will be muscle.


Marshall – “They just keep the electricity to the clone, uh they could do it to me at anytime, um but I told too many people [and I’ll wait to see if I have] an aneurysm now, or heart attack which it can happen, they’ve done this to so many people it’s brutal control execution like assassination…” – And I face the deal on it.


Marshall – “That’s what they done to me, they tortured me [for like a] like a, torture spectacle, I should have had it on my miniature tablet here, I forgot to.” – The guilt.


Marshall – “No cost at all, basically ah maintenance, there’s got to get the tissue from you. Now Britney Spears [put in a video], she said a fantasy of hers was to blow up the cloning stations.” – I live when they look.


Marshall – “I’ve made songs for them there about not having dreams anymore and your dreams are lost and blah, blah, blah, your heart this your heart [that like I made] a lot of songs there.” – You make your bad.


Marshall – “They make, they own Hollywood right, so, and they get their ideas, they all [discuss stuff at the] cloning stations like all night, its gets pretty boring there because first once they do the sex, sex, sex.” – That fuss sucks.


Marshall – “Something to do with uh, how a person becomes a quadriplegic, uh, just the first second before they’re a quadriplegic, [they cant feel] any pain, stab them in the thigh or anything just like a quadriplegic can’t, well they can still move around and stuff, they’ve done it to me. It feels weird, like they let me stab myself…” – We fake it.


Marshall – “All kinds of stuff there, there’s nothing to do though once you’ve do all the stuff and the novelty wears off but uh [then you’re not allowed to leave], if you want to leave, uh well they only keep you if you’re use for something, good looking for sex or something or have some kind of…” – Feel I wanted a bud.


Marshall – “OK, lizards been around a long time like since before ancient Egypt and everything [and the symbol], you know that eye, the eye of Horus with the squiggly hanging out of it.” – We’ll miss a brain.


Marshall – “And I have to tell you about the parasitic aspect of the lizards and why [the Illuminati and the] governments use them, ok, I’m saying this in a nut shell because its very important I wanna get it all out on your show.” – And I eat animal.


Marshall – “Nobody’s going to [say this for fear of] clone torture, remote controlled death, or death by lizards 1000 times until you die by a heart attack or something.” – Grief would say this.


Marshall – “The person’s debilitated for an unknown amount of time, I don’t know how long, but when they come back, [they have to have some recov]ery time, but when they come back they’re not the person anymore, they’re then the lizard.” – Muck inside my head.


Marshall – “..they’re not though, they’re just a species of lizard that survived the extinction of the [dinosaurs] by being way, way underground.” – So sad.


Marshall – “Lizards kill people right, I’ve witnessed the head wiggly going into the eye, [they showed me], um the thing is the Illuminati are basically using me…” – My bullshit.


Marshall – “You only have C things and I’ve always figured it [was the lizard and the eye thing] cos I got introduced…” – They’re dying in Brazil.


Marshall – “Your mental stuff, right, everything that you are basically but they need baby sitters because [they go pretty whacked sometimes, they’re missing] some stuff that’s flowing but the thing is just like those lizards do with the eyeball thing and squiggling into the head…” – You’ve seen this madness, skull you look bored here.


Marshall – “I don’t even want to say it cos its over the top, [ridiculous and I don’t] even want to endorse this ah stuff that they say, but they said it was possible that I could be um,…” – I done a Soul schedule.


Marshall – “I got all the in[fo when they thought that I was] absolutely loyal to them OK. For years I acted loyal to them, I even had to almost give myself Stockholm Syndrome.” – So I fart in the wolf.


Marshall – “I’ve never done cocaine in real life but they made me do cocaine there so I could do uh, speed rappy stuff, [cos ah like] Busta Rhymes type of stuff, um you can’t do that just off the bat, but that stuff really speeds you up, it actually gave my clone a heart attack, a couple of times um,…” – Help, you are sick.


Marshall – “I asked them one time at the cloning station cos they were bringing there and asking what it was like and everything like he was a celebrity or something [it was weird] like, and they’re all trying to act weird like they’re vampires or something.” – Your dreams.


Marshall – “They’re going to have to do something about it cos the thing is [sometimes these peop]le, they get a pet lizard, one of their very own, like Elizabeth’s one is called Matilda and Kissinger’s one is called Herbert.” – Keeps his madness.