Dick Cheney Reversals December 2014


Cheney – “..you gotta remember partly what was going on as well too during that period of time we [had, we had] reporting that Al Qaeda was trying to get their hands on nuclear weapons.” – They would die.


Cheney – “(Interviewer)..Senator Udall took to the floor today saying that a Panetta review says that is, in your words, ah, hooey, ah, he says that ah, that there’s just not direct linkage. (Cheney) No, [I don’t know where he was on 911] but he wasn’t in the bunker.” – The battle now and I say we here warm it up.


Cheney – “(Interviewer)..it’s wrong that Cheney isn’t languishing in a privatized prison somewhere. (Cheney) I guess you would have to call him not a fan. (Interviewer) [Not a fan. (Cheney) Not a fan].” – Have fun, have fun.


Cheney – “Well I think of, ah, if you look at the example sited by the [former direct]ors ah, there was a perspective attack on the west coast on the tallest building on the west coast with a hijacked aircraft that was thwarted by this.” – Carried them off.


Cheney – “..Talid Shiek Mohammed is the mastermind of 9/11 who has killed 3000 Americans, taken down the World Trade Center, hit the Pentagon would have taken out the White House or the Capitol Building, ah, if in fact, ah they hadn’t been for the passengers on United 93 and [he is ah, in our] ah, possession we know he’s the architect…” – Burn it I say.