Dick Cheney on Larry King Live August 2007


"The polls are notoriously unreliable in [the sense that they] change all the time, they bounce around all over the place." Get this lesson (In his forward speech he states the polls don’t really bother him, but his reverse speech says he is taking note of them.)

"(Q: So those 3,000 plus lives have not died in vain?) …. [No sir]. Larry, you worry about eve[ry single] casualty." Her son / I’ll miss you (A memory of one soldier who was killed?)

"There’s always things in war that happened that nobody [anticipated]." The deficit (The war has cost America billions!)

"I came here to do a job. I’m not running [for any office] myself. I made the decision when I signed on with the President that the only agenda I would have would be his agenda." Defy an oath (He has other agendas that are contradictory to his oath of office.)

"They had had significant success. We had rounded up [Saddam Hussein. I thought] there was a series of these milestones that would in fact undermine the insurgency and make it less than it was at that point." Love an ass, you’re modest (Unknown)

"??? [er, with his bombing] of the Mosque up at Sumara in early 06 that in effect helped precipitate some of the sectarian conflict." The mobs see the war (Congruent reversal.)

"I made it clear for example when I was there in May that we didn’t appreciate the notion [that they were going to take] a big part of the summer off and they did cut that in half." Get a new weapon (Unknown)

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