Democratic Debate between Obama and Clinton

February 1st 2008



The following analysis is of the first 30 minutes of the Democratic debate between Clinton and Obama on the 1st of February  2008. The main topic discussed in this section was health care. There appears to be little difference between the candidates and neither of them are congruent on the topic of health care. It is obvious the whole issue has major problems that still need to be resolved. Obama seems to have a condescending attitude but will promote his plan anyway and Clinton has issues she still needs to iron out.


Obama: "Thank you, [well thank you], first of all…." Be careful (Internal Dialogue as he commences the debate)

Obama: "If we do that I am confident we can [solve any problem] and we can fulfil the destiny that America wants to see." The love in a boss (He sees himself as the boss and relishes this role)

Clinton: "the differences between Barak and I pale in comparison to the differences we have with the Republicans. And I want to [say that first and] foremost." We surf by this (Surf – metaphor – to move forward – she will point out the differences between the Republicans and the Democrats.)

Obama: "[My belief is] that if we make it affordable, if we provide subsidies to those who cant afford it they will buy it." They feel dumb (Condescending to the US citizens. They don’t fully understand the plan.)

Obama: "On the mortgage crisis, again [we both believe] that this is a critical problem." Feel them fob you (He feels ignored.)

Obama: "I believe there are people who cant afford it and if we provide them with [enough subsidies] they will purchase it." See this fuss on it (There are problems with his plan)

Clinton: "The way it covers all of those who wish to [participate in the] Congressional plan is that it will provide subsidies." In the deficit (Hillary’s plan will increase the US deficit)

Clinton: "It will also cap premiums. Something that [is really] important cos we want to make sure that it is affordable for all." We lose it (Her health care plan won’t succeed in its current form.)

Clinton: "What I concluded when I was looking at this because I got the [same kind of ad]vice. Its controversial." Got enough mess (There are problems with her plan and she knows it.)

Obama: "There are ways we can address that by for example [making them] pay some of the back premiums." Then we gamble (Obama’s plan is a gamble.)

Obama: "The antidote to that is making sure that the [American people] understand what is at stake. I am absolutely committed to making sure that anybody in America who needs health care is going to get it." I’ll beat the drum (He will promote his plan despite its shortcomings.)

Obama: "They’re getting better treatment. We are actually paying for a dietician for people to lose weight as opposed to paying for the $30,000 foot amputation. [That will save us money]." And I’m some asshole (Speaks for itself.)

Clinton: "[It can be put in]to making sure that our health care system has enough access." Hey look, you make it (Despite her plan’s problems, she is pushing forward.)

Clinton: "Well actually I co-sponsored comprehensive immigration re[form in 200]4 before Barak came to the Senate so I’ve been on record on behalf of this for quite some time." I pissed him off (She scores a point against Obama)