Defense Secretary Robert Gates

Press Briefing August 9th 2010

“Good afternoon. As you know for the better part of two years the leadership of this department has been working on reforming the way the Pentagon does business. These efforts have been spurred by a [number of realities. First our country is] still fighting two wars, confronts ongoing terrorists threats around the globe and faces other major powers investing heavily in their military.” You fuck our turf. See the lie, you vermin – most likely directed to the enemy

“This expansion [and its associat]ed habits and attitudes was abetted by a near doubling of the defense based budget since 2001.” They source the Senate – they got approval from the Senate

“I’ve also authorized each of the military departments to consider con[solidation or] closure of excess bases and other facilities where appropriate.” Gonna share the loss – congruent

“This is obviously a politically fraught topic. Currently Congress has placed legal constraints on [DODs] ability to close installations.” See greed – speaks for itself

“Therefore I’m directing an effort to con[solidate the]se assets to take advantage of the department’s significant economies of scale, thereby creating savings and acquisitions, sustainment of manpower costs.” We fear(ed) the loss – incongruent

“Accordingly I’ve directed a [zero based re]view of the department’s intelligence, missions, organizations, relationships and contracts to be completed by November 1st.” Your sad worries – these are of concern to him

“This is why the point needs to be emphasized again and again. This is not about cutting the defense budget. This is about a [reallocation in]ternally.” Then I shake the lie – is he lying?

“…to provide, to cover the short comings, the shortfalls in staffing in Afghanistan with some of the savings we find in people [who are not in theater].” Believe that I know – he believes he knows about the situation

“As is, [some of these, er] efforts are part of the third track that I was talking about that grew out of the QDR.” I see the lessons – he has learned from the situation

“As we get into these things, do these [zero based reviews] with short deadlines, I think we’re going to learn some things that then give us future opportunities or targets.” See your sad worries