David Rockefeller

David Rockefeller


David Rockefeller

The reversals of David Rockefeller tell us a lot about his success. His prime operational metaphor is Shewolf, which is the most powerful metaphor of all, found on other successful people. It gives him the ability to manifest anything he wants in his life. He also has a strong and genuine love for his family, and this trait is also found on other successful people. However, like others, he has a dark side and may have gained some of his wealth by illegal or opportunistic means.

Here are reversals found in an interview David Rockefeller gave reminiscing about his life. Now aged 95 (as at 2011), he is the youngest and only surviving child of John D. Rockefeller. His net worth is estimated to be $US2.9 billion.

The exact forward words where the reversal occurred are marked with brackets – [ ]. The emboldened sentences are the reversals. You can hear the entire interview here:


Rockefeller – “On one hand – there were five sons and one daughter that was the only [mistake in your very] excellent and accurate listing of my background.” – Here I’m blowing the kiss. – a metaphor – probably giving his approval


Rockefeller – “The wonderful thing is that, mother who [met my father] when he was at Brown where he went to college and they became devoted and were as you’ve mentioned happily married for 56 years.” – Love found them. – a congruent reversal


Rockefeller – “I felt that, and so did Henry Kissinger and [knowing the work] with me on this, we worked together, we felt that at the very least he should be invited to find refuge in the United States.” – Grow marijuana. – this reversal on first glance appears to have no relationship to the forward dialogue – maybe an isolated reversal hinting at involvement in the drug trade


Rockefeller – “Of course nearly 50 years and I think had almost no return on the [setting]. That’s the other side of the story but of course then we sold it to the Japanese.” – Hear lesson. – incomprehensible forwards with a clear reversal – maybe lessons he learned from this deal


Rockefeller – “And Horace [Albright who later became] the head of the National Parks System, he was then the superintendent of Yellowstone.” – Make the deal with your wars. – another reversal that appears to have no context with the forward dialogue – is this another way he is making money? – from warfare?


Rockefeller – “And now it belongs to another company but the history of the [center was a fascinating] one.” – Men suffer for souls are with us. – yet another reversal with no seeming connection to the forward dialogue


Rockefeller – “..the land, buying it in small bits. And then gave it to the government but I don’t think he’s ever given [anything for which] during the process of putting it together he was more criticized for.” – Shewolf, you feel it. – a significant and very powerful metaphor – Shewolf is one of the most powerful metaphors of all and is usually found on confident, successful people. It is also the metaphor of manifestation – to attract to us that which we want


Rockefeller – “This is another aspect of the story. I felt that it was very [foolish for them to sell it].” – The lessons of Shewolf. – here Shewolf is referenced again. This may be one of David Rockefeller’s structural metaphors


Rockefeller – “This was the appraised [value of the center] at that time ex the debt because there was a very heavy debt on it also.” – This is what we have. – – a congruent reversal