Dark Thirty Radio with Jeremy Scott

Dark Thirty Radio Show

This collection of Reversals is from the recent Dark Thirty Radio Show with Jeremy Scott interviewing David Oates about Reverse Speech.


Jeremy Scott


Jeremy – “David thanks for coming on the program there. I realize it’s fairly early there [in the morning] as you join us right now.” – An omen.


Jeremy – “..truth I did not know anything David was going to play. He has full access to his library, ah, that’s the way he [wants it, that’s the way] I want it…” – Heal with sadness now.


Jeremy – “..a lot of people [appreciate you being act]ive in the dark room…” – I need, we issue.


Jeremy – “(laughter) [Yea, most, most smart people do]…” – It’ll become some soon. Hi.


Jeremy – “..[much different than you would see on stage] like from a magician.” – It’s not nice that we know the wisdom.


Jeremy – “..boy and like I said when referencing another story in the early part of the program David, there are a lot of theories here and there are a lot smart people behind these [and I put a lot] of weight behind theories from very smart people like yourself. ” – I will look on it.


Jeremy – “[It’s about 7 O]’Clock in the morning there so he’s just getting up, he’s getting his coffee…” – One of us fucks us.


Jeremy – “..95.3 FM all the members of the [Noble Radio Network]…” – You’re family, you’re all one.


David Oates


David – “..though that’s [really looked in]to me and my life of which Reverse Speech is a big part of it…” – Equal leader.


David – “..[so you know, ring them up]…” – Father you’re right, yes.


David – “..that relate to what’s being said forwards and the odds of that [occurring by pure] coincidence are just, well they’re uncalculable, uncalculable it’s ah…” – Grief American.


David – “(Jeremy) cassette tape now everything is [digital. (David) Oh yea] well the digital age has made a, made a big difference so yea.” – (David)Hey Art (Jeremy) All the shit.


David – “[Yea I want to play] some kids ones, I love children’s reversals.” – It’s up and away.


David – “..question I can normally pull up a reversal on it be[cause I got] such a huge library.” – I’ve got it.


David – “..it’s a most powerful way because you can hear it in straight forward every[day English but uh, yea we are hard] wired to tell the truth.” – On a highway there’s the chill here.


David – “..it’s called the Secrets of Speech and it just doesn’t look at Reverse S[peech it looks at other modalities that], that analyze and probe speech to find truth so uh…” – This evil I’ve got, I might as well just give.