Conversations in Reverse Speech

[Play Stream] [Download File] Here is former Presidential candidate, Steve Forbes, talking about abortion. Note how the reporter responds to Forbes question using one word backwards, "show" that is exactly the same.

[Play Stream] [Download File] Reverse Speech can be heard and understood by others on an unconscious level. In the following example a wife tells her husband to stop giving her advice. The reversal says: "Will you shut up."

[Play Stream] [Download File] This example was taken from a therapy session with a client who wanted to give up cigarette smoking. Notice how in the forward dialogue I did not complete my question, yet she responded to my half finished sentence. I isolate that sentence and then play it backwards at three speeds. The speech reversal says: "How old." The conversation is then played forward again and the speech reversal inserted into the conversation. Notice that the woman responded to the speech reversal, AND the reversal completed my uncompleted sentence.

[Play Stream] [Download File] This example was taken from an Australian TV interview with a man suspected of sending his wife a threatening letter. Notice how the reporter offers to show the man the letter. I then play just the sentence forwards where the speech reversal occurs. The reversal says: "I want to see that letter." Then I play the entire conversation again with the speech reversal inserted into the conversation. Notice how the reporter offered to show the man the letter immediately after the reversal occurred. Reverse Speech explains many of our intuitive responses and feelings. Have you ever wanted to ask for something but before you did, someone else offered it to you. Now you know how these instances occur. We are constantly responding to the speech reversals of others.

CONVERSATIONS BACKWARDS: One of the most stunning discoveries made in reverse speech is that fact that entire reversed conversations take place all the time. Questions are asked and answers given. Often speech reversals will prompt an action. Someone might say backwards "Give me a cup of coffee" and another person will subsequently do this. Reverse Speech explains how many forms of intuition and ESP. They are actually cases of reversed communication. We will explore this topic further on this web site in the weeks ahead. For now, here is one example of an entire conversation in reverse.

Forwards: This is a discussion I am having with two friends who had come to my house wanting proof of reverse speech. I taped them and played the tape backwards.

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Reverse one: The first reversed exchange hints at the deeper spiritual aspects of reverse speech, as we ponder what it actually is and immediately connect with a quick reversed exchange. Woman: "Soul Wind". David: "The soul wind"

Reverse two: In this reversal I emphasise my point and express my desire to listen for speech reversals. The reversal says: "Hear what I say."

Reverse three: Here, the man receives my earlier and responds accordingly. "Now lets listen."

Reverse four: He feels funny and out playing tapes backwards to hear extra voices. "This is funny."

Reverse five: I confidently turn off the tape player and begin to look for reversals. "Listen."

Backwards Conversation: Listen now to just the speech reversals played together. Notice how an entire reversed conversation took place. "Soul wind. The soul wind. Hear what I say. Now lets listen. This is funny. Listen."

Two modes of speech at once: Now listen to both the forwards and reverse played at the same time.




Carl Jung theorised that at the base level of consciousness there existed a common "Collective Unconscious" – a storehouse, if you will, where all knowledge and all mysteries reside. Reverse Speech contains much evidence for the existence of this collective unconscious, and even shows how this unconscious knowledge is transferred from person to person. In my research I have found many incidents where a person’s reversals show knowledge of information or some event that they are unaware of consciously.

One particularly memorial occasion occurred when a woman was seeing me for session work and her reversals gave great detail of an affair that her husband was having. She denied all conscious knowledge of this at the time but when she went home she confronted her husband and he broke down and confessed. Why did her speech reversals speak of this? Because he had been telling her for weeks unconsciously with his speech reversals. She had received the information and stored it in her unconscious mind.

Another memorable occasion occurred in the following incident where you can actually hear the speech reversals transfer the unconscious information. It happened in Australia when a television interviewer challenged me to prove Reverse Speech to him. He set up a deliberate test where he lied about his age. He said, "I am 32 years of age. I am 32 years of age. I am 32 years of age." When I analyzed the recording, I found a reversal in the section of speech immediately prior to his test that said, "37, it came up." This was indeed his correct age, having had his 37th birthday just two weeks earlier. Shortly after in the conversation, I found a reversal on myself that said, "Now you’re 37". However I had not known this information consciously. Why did it appear in my reversals? Because I had received it from his previous reversal.

Note the process….

(1) The reporter decides to test me on Reverse Speech.

(2) He decides to lie about his age and he delivers a reversal that states his real age.

(3) He them lies about his age.

(4) I had previously received the reversal and unconsciously stored the information. I then relay and confirm this information in the form of another reversal.

Here is that recording. You will have to listen carefully because the audio levels were faint and there is a lot going on……

(1) First I play an edited version of the entire forward dialogue.

(2) Then I play a small section of his speech where the reversal occurred.

(3) Then I play the reversal at three speeds. (37, it came up)

(4) Then I play a small section of my forward dialogue where the reversal occurred.

(5) Then I play the reversal at three speeds. (Now, you’re 37)

(6) Then I play a clip again with his reversal first, then his test, then my reversal.

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Have you ever known something, but had no idea how you got that knowledge? It is possible that you received the information through speech reversals. They are constantly transferring knowledge and information from person to person in an unconscious fashion, adding to the overall storage house of knowledge that exists in the deepest regions of consciousness.