Colonel Gadhafi August 27, 1998

These reversals concern me greatly!! Is there an assassination plot against the President being planned (they go for the president), what is the bomb? Maybe America is being targeted for attack

[Play Stream] [Download File] Gadhafi began speaking in English and most of his initial reversals were in English: I see more meetings. They go for the President

[Play Stream] [Download File] Welcome. Crazy dog needing bomb

[Play Stream] [Download File] This is a coup for the comrade. We give to people still stopping it

[Play Stream] [Download File] Gadhafi shifts to his native toungue forwards and one more English reversal occurred: Nuclear Hadj, and then the hill (Hadj is the annual pilgrimage to Mecca)

[Play Stream] [Download File] Reversals shifted over to his native toungue at this point, as he shifted away from English. Then he delivered this following english reversal: Leave Iraq now

[Play Stream] [Download File] The he shifted to speaking English forwards immediately afterwards: See the fire

[Play Stream] [Download File] The following reversal was found on Scott Ritter, the former head of the US inspection team in Iraq. He waas asked to leave Iraq when they suspected him of being a spy. This reversal came from a speech he gave Wednesay 8/26/98. It says, "Our wrath won’t shake the fox." Fox presumably referring to Saddam and the reversal suggests that there will be no success in dealing with the mid east situation.