Clinton’s Attack on Iraq

Bill Clinton 12/17/98

First, the term ‘Fox’ has been heard in reverse before – on Scott Ritter’s comments condemning the Iraqis following his expulsion. It says, "Our wrath won’t shake the fox." [Play Stream][Download File]

Thus Reverse Speech revealed the code name, ‘Desert Fox,’ weeks before it was announced. Also, it is no surprise that the head of the weapons inspection team produced the report that led to the current attack. He had a reversal admitting as much in November saying, "Hurt Iraq. The Arab admits evil." [Play Stream][Download File]

Bill Clinton has also admitted in reverse to his desire to take out Saddam in a speech he gave several months ago. Backwards he says, "Let’s shoot for the assassin." [Play Stream][Download File] . Additionally, we have the most significant reversal of all, found back in February 1998 when the sex scandals first broke that says, "Hell with the earth. Seek desert answers." [Play Stream][Download File] . This reversal tied the two events together (the gulf war and the Lewinski scandals) and it should be noted that with every significant event surrounding the sex scandals there has also been Gulf/Mideast conflict immediately afterwards. Another one is referenced in the preceding soundbyte where Clinton invaded Afghanistan and Sudan two days after his confession. The reversal says, "I am a snake oil terrorist."

Now, we have the following reversals. These are the clearest that can be quoted from the speech Bill Clinton gave announcing the attack on Iraq. The general trend is that of self interests and one that will not succeed in the long run. The first sound bite says, "Our pile of sh*t / Helps us. He helps little fox." [Play Stream][Download File] . This suggests self interests in the attack, as well as a self contributed mess.

The second one says, "Fine assistants help evil show." [Play Stream][Download File] – this reinforces the previous conclusion rallying help from his assistants for this "show."

The next byte is significant. "Afraid to damn the fox / There’s grief with their sh*t / Hear the name of Messiah." [Play Stream][Download File] . The attack will not be totally effective. What is the word Messiah doing here with the forward speech talking about the 21st century?

A rather bizarre byte next. "Lose the soul with NASA / And I need (a/Art?) Bell. Hear dreamer." [Play Stream][Download File] . Yet another reversed reference on Clinton about NASA. Along with his sexual reversals over the last year this is most common other reference found on Clinton.

Next, "I’ll lay down some mess." [Play Stream][Download File] – A disturbing prediction for the Iraqi conflict

Next, "Go build the ships." [Play Stream][Download File] What ships?

Next, "Sand the road / Admired the sickle" [Play Stream][Download File]

Next, "I’m not wanted / They’re publishing the worse smut." [Play Stream][Download File] His mind flashing to the impeachment proceedings.

Finally, "Remember, you are Lord and the wolf." [Play Stream][Download File] Self motivation, keeping his mind on purpose.

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