Clinton Sex Scandal

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This page contains reversals of the President and others evolved in the Lewinsky Sex Scandal. The latest reversals are being added to the end of this page. Please scroll down.

Bill Clinton speaker disk Here are the first reversals on the controversial sex allegations that have only just surfaced about President Bill Clinton. In this first example he was asked directly if he has had sexual relations with this woman. Three reversals occur in this section. They are… “Yes, and I’m so within / We will bring her faults / And yes, Mick, I lost it.

speaker disk Here he talks about accusations of dishonesty that have been thrown at him. The speech reversal says: “Denied the habits and I said dang ya.”

Mike White speaker disk Here is a reversal found on White House Press Secretary, Mike McCurry, making a statement about this. Backwards he says, “Damn him. This is ugly and a mess.

Linda Tripp speaker disk The following reversals were found on Linda Tripp after her long awaited testimony in the Monica Lewinski case – 7/30/98. The first reversal says, “The law screwed up.” The second reversal says, “Damn, no leaks.” Then the entire section is played in reverse followed by one other reversal that says, “Hear the life with them.” Note the forward section where this occurs.


speaker disk Here is George Stephanopoulos commenting on the allegations. Backwards he says, “Grave fate.


speaker disk Clinton continues to deny the allegations. Backwards he says, “I see that we’re broken.


speaker disk Clinton continues the denials. Backwards he says, “Fucked the girl with a scab.


speaker disk Here, at the end of the interview, Clinton attempts to motivate himself to continue on. In reverse he determines to not answer allegations and attempts to concentrate on better times. Backwards he says: “The past, I’ll answer not. We all remember running.


speaker disk In this reversal, Clinton says: “Hell with the earth. See desert answers.” This is a difficult reversal to interpret. It could be a metaphoric statement. Desert is a metaphor for the unconscious mind. Earth is to be stable and grounded in the conscious world. Is reality on the earth too tough and he is therefore withdrawing inside as the first reversal seems to suggest. Or, an many people have suggested. Is he going to divert attention away from the allegations by concentrating on the currect situation in Iraq (the desert) or even create a controversy?

speaker disk Clinton talks forward about the attacks he has. Backwards he says, “Now winning a lover.” Is there another woman floating around somewhere?


speaker disk Here Clinton says its almost impossible to prove your innocence. The reversal reveals deep sexual attitudes that are anything but innocent, especially in light of the current allegations made by Paula Jones where she says that Clinton requested oral sex. It says: “Make her swallow. You trash. An easy role/roll.

Above reversals taken from the PBS interview of President Bill Clinton by Jim Leher of the Leher News Hour, January 21, 1998.

speaker disk The following reversal was found in a Press Conference at the White House January 22, 1998 as he continues to deny the allegations. Backwards he says: “We try to frost that battle. Battle will lose this guard but I’m sad.” In other words, he and his staff have to cool the accusations.



speaker disk Here is Secretary Donna Shalala talking about the allegations. Backwards she says: “We see hell surrender.


speaker disk Here is Vernon Jordon talking about his involvement with the Intern who alledgedly had sex with Clinton. Backwards he says: “Abandoned him with error.


speaker disk Here is Janet Reno being asked to comment on the allegations. She side steps the question both forwards and backwards. In reverse she says: “They market now. We need the shiek.” Yasser Arafat was in Washington DC that day for extensive talks with the White House. Reno seems to be saying – there’s other more important things going on.


speaker disk Here are two reversals found on Clinton during a press conference at the White House with Yasser Arrafat 1/22/98. They seem to show a different side of him during this crisis. Forwards he expresses pleasure about Castro inviting the Pope to Cuba. Backwards he says, “God bless,” and “Hell, we fund the silk skin.” I have no idea what he means by the last reversal.


speaker disk Here is Paula Jones’ attorney, Mr. Campbell, commenting on the Intern’s decision to take the fifth ammendment. The reversal is obscure saying, “She’s abandoned an Earl with Satin. See the gamble.” Earl is a common reverse speech metaphor meaning a wealthy nobel man.


speaker disk Here is Paula Jones’ attorney again saying that there is no involvement with Mr. Starr’s office. This reversal, combined with that above suggests that this legal team is not exactly innocent in the entire matter: “I used them to shake within. The fun’s worth it.


speaker disk Here is White House Press Secretary, Mike McCurry, giving a press conference 1/12/98. This reversal is seemingly un-related to the forward dialogue and uses metaphors. It says: “You save your wine. Lets now fake the wolf. It helps you.


Wine is a metaphor for spiritual nourishment. Wolf is motivation, strength and protection. He seems to be bracing himself for what it to come, conserving his internal strength and trying to psyche himself up when there is not much left to psyche up. The reversal may also predict a strategy the white house is planning to deal with this- that is to appear to be a lot stronger and more confident than they actually are.


speaker disk Here is another “wolf” reversal from the White House. It occurs on Communications Director, Anne Lewis. This also shows a weakened wolf that is remaining weak. Reasons for this could be many but based on my experience with Reverse Speech, the most plausible reason would be incongruity, or believeing a lie. There can be no true strength when one is operating in a dishonest or “blind” position. The reversal says: “Keeps the wolf hungry.


Extract from the Reverse Speech Dictionary:

WOLF (Structural) prime central metaphor; see Shewolf, Werewolf; the part of personality that is the hunter & protector of the Psyche; prime motivator behind behavior; the state of the Wolf metaphor directly influences success and control of life; ones ability to be self motivated and firm. Trance image; a waist high wolf, usually grey. Well built and well groomed with sharp piercing eyes


speaker disk Here is Mike McCurry talking about the lawyers preparing their materials. Backwards he says: “We’ll solve the mess and they will get her.



speaker disk Here is Gennifer Flowers talking about her alledged 12 year affair with President Clinton. backwards she says: “I was a shock


The following reversals were found on the press conference Clinton conducted Monday, January 26 1998. There were very few reversals which is unusal in itself. Maybe the last reversal tells us why.

speaker disk The first reversal was found in the applause prior to his presentation. It says: “We can’t. We can’t. Mister Clinton can’t.


speaker disk The second reversal says: “The mama in the sheet. Fuck her.” The reversal could also say, “The mormon in the sheet, fuck her.” If this is so, who is the Mormon??


speaker disk The third reversal says: “Reverse it not.


speaker disk Here is the audio of Clinton’s strong denial. The two clearest reversals are, “I hate to say yes.” and “It’s no sin.


speaker disk The following reversal was found on White House Communications Director, Anne Lewis. It says: “They gave us hell with it.


speaker disk Here is Hillary Clinton at the begining of the press conference held January 26 1998. It’s not a good start. When she says welcome to the White House, backwards she says, “Sly hell with it.” Then she says backwards, “We, the law.” What happened to We, the people?



Here are speech reversals found on Hillary Clinton being interviewed on the Today show January 27 1998

speaker disk Starts to get nervous


speaker disk I feel it, the sick wind / They’ll forgive. Suck it / If you wreck, forgive it


speaker disk Evil lips are hammering it


speaker disk Nice devil is in our show


speaker disk Why did I sin


speaker disk I am so used / Warn you


speaker disk Seen his sins


speaker disk This reversal was found on Clinton during his press conference with Tony Blair, 2/6/98. He is saying forwards that he cannot comment on the Paula Jones hearings. In reverse he appears to say, “Had sex with an Oregon Madam.” Originally I thought this reversal said “Norgon Madam” and I wondered who or what Norgon was. However, the overall consensus of visitors to my site is that it says “Oregon Madam,” and it has been pointed out that Monica Lewinski went to college in Portland Oregon.


speaker disk Here is a reversal found on Bill Clinton during press conference with Tony Blair 2/6/98. Backwards it says, “Damsel will fret when I sin.” Who is the damsel and what sin is he talking about?


speaker disk Here is a small section from a broadcast made on radio KYKY FM 98.1 in St Louis where they were playing Clinton reversals that they found themselves. This is one of many radio spontaneous radio broadcasts that have been prompted by my work.



Kathleen Willey


Sixty Minutes Interview 3/15/98

From the reversals below, Kathleen Willey appears to be relaying factual events. I suspect Clinton seduced her, and I also suspect Willey enjoyed the seduction more than she is willing to admit. It was a power trip, to paraphrase her reversals. I also suspect that she is not telling the entire story possibly because she is afraid for her welfare. There appears to be some disassociation from the events, evidenced by the fact that she frequently refers to herself in the third person, “you.”


speaker disk (what was your relationship with the President) …I would say good friends…
It’s now flipped, yes


speaker disk …there was a home call asking me if I would come up and meet with her, the President had an interest in my working someplace else other than correspondence…The brothel in the power


speaker disk (..he walked to another door on the other side of the Oval Office which led in to a hallway into his small galley kitchen… This dick you like


speaker disk ..we started walking back down the hall towards the oval office and he said why don’t you come in here into my study we can talk better in here…
They’ve seen us. They’re full of eyes


speaker disk …I was leaning against the door jam, he was in the office, we were standing facing each other. I told him what had happened…
You’re lusting yourself. You’re natural


speaker disk …and that things were at a crisis point and that my volunteer days were over… Grease in the love


speaker disk .I know he knows how distraught I was and how upset I was… Love man sell / Soul. I lust power


speaker disk (did he betray your friendship) ..absolutely, especially since he knew my husband also… Her sore lips are hammering it


speaker disk …I felt pressured by Mr. Bennet… We shook wife


speaker disk ..he said he just thought the world of me… They could kill you


speaker disk …I said to him. It was unwelcome and unexpected… It helps skim money. I’m a grownup


speaker disk …I felt pressured especially when he threw in the business about the President just thinks the world of you… I was insipid


speaker disk ..if because the President thought the world of me, why did he do what he did… Suck it more


speaker disk …the insinuation to me was that Mr. Bennett was implying that I was going to face some kind of criminal charge… Soul whims are showing this need


speaker disk ..I would need an inside the loop, an inside Washington criminal lawyer… Let me show vast minute work. Bill with last minute in


speaker disk …I was at the airport to welcome him and while I was out there meeting him he spotted me and we waved cos I had seen him before at previous fund raisers… Name the love sex / See youth awful menace


speaker disk (talking about Linda Tripp) …I remember saying to her, you are not going to believe this… But we messed up


On a final note, I was surprised to hear the phrase, “her sore lips are hammering it.” This is almost identical to a reversal on Hillary Clinton elsewhere on this page that says, “Evil lips are hammering it.” I have never heard the word “hammering” in reverse in my entire 15 year career with Reverse Speech until now. I suggest that that you listen to both sections on this page and note that there are totally different words forwards, yet almost identical words backwards. It is common in reverse to heard different reversals on the same words forwards and vice verse, and that is because reversals are generally formed by the sounds of speech and not the actual words themselves So, what does “hammering it” mean, and why now is it found on the Clinton sex scandals? Email me at with your thoughts.



Monica Lewinsky Issue Testimony

speaker disk Here is Bill Clinton making a statement about his impending testimony towards the Grand Jury in the Monica Lewinsky case. This was done the day she handed over the dress. There are two reversals. The first one says, “So sad. It scares the leaders.” (Fallout and international consequences of this.) The second one is, “They market her fun.” Plus two other reversals that aren’t as clear – “We’ll beat the crime – Serve the lie.” and, “I witnessed a scam.


speaker disk Here is the first reversal found on Clinton’s lawyer, David Kendal, immediately after his testimony to the special counsel. The reversal says, “Enormous sex.“, and it occurs as soon soon as Kendal says, The president’s testimony.” – It is acually part of an entire phrase, “Enormous sex. They deserve with it.” The first reversal is played three times, the entire phrase is played twice, and then played forwards and backwards.


speaker disk Here is another reversal on David Kendall. It says, “Learn to face it.


speaker disk Here is an amusing reversal found on James Carville immediately after Clinton’s confession. Forwards he talks about the Presidents desire to sort things out with his wife but backward he says, “A naughty girl he wants.


David Oates on “Extra” TV Show, August 18th.


speaker disk Here is the audio portion of David’s appearance on Extra TV.


Preliminary Reversals on Clinton’s Confession

speaker disk Nip the nervous. Defy often


speaker disk I was in shock / She’s offended


speaker disk The leaks now are simple


speaker disk I was no weenie / Send away Oates


speaker disk Lusty Monica / You served me enough fuss


speaker disk They won. Life is the deal


speaker disk “He said, you’re a Nazi”, Referring to Ken Star??


speaker disk The senate in a noose, darn it


speaker disk Foul, you may have found me out / I may have found wolf


speaker disk “The Putz in our city”, Referring to Ken Star


speaker diskMick, our laws did it, Save blonde“, Mick Kendall?


speaker diskSaddam, need a rapist“, International ineffectiveness or…??


Janet Reno on Day of Confession

speaker disk I was to get the wicked / Feel hurt – This speech was given the day after clinton’s confession. Does she her career going out the window?


Ireland Speech

speaker disk Does Clinton have other things on his mind? (his own sexual demise, and Monica Lewinski???) Here are the first two reversals found on his speech in Ireland. They say, “They’ve seen them. I’ll fuck my balls.“, and “They’re all boring me, Monica.


Monica Lewinski Tapes

speaker disk..she had a week from hell… I must deal with this


speaker diskLINDA TRIPP ..she said nothing about, listen to this, this says this that or that… I bring your fun


speaker diskLINDA TRIPP ..kate went in there with a mission remember, cos I said I want to know who sabotaged her… Her memory with shame is the one


speaker disk..shes one of the savviest people I have ever met… I’m a riddle


speaker diskLINDA TRIPP …now you’ve lost me… You fall beyond


speaker disk…there’s been some acception in his head to, I don’t know whether he will acknowledge.. He hid the dog


speaker disk..I need something before we make any ,ore commitments here… Give me wealth


speaker were administratively determined to be paid a nine and so was she, same at the UN same as the SBA… They must deal with this / They paid the mess. Now we admit


speaker disk..I don’t know why I have these feelings for him, maybe I’m crazy, maybe I’m just pretending it… Masterbate him