Clinton at JPL April 1998

The following reversals were found on Bill Clinton during a speech he gave at JPL April 1998, talking about the Mars missions and a proposed Space Station. They are presented for your consideration. They appear to show some other hidden agenda or mission running. There may be a connection between these reversals and the purpose of the Kent “sand”. It is believed that “Sand” is a metaphor for Mars based on its occurrence in other Mars contexts. If anyone has any clues regarding this transcript please email me.

[Play Stream][Download File] participate with our partners there in the spirit of international cooperation is Space…
The show broke the sand, delivered it

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…the other city officials who are here…
You mark her for council

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..I’d like to thank David Wolf and all the other astronauts that showed me around…
They want to fool the bed / And I rang Bush

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…we’ve left our footprints on the moon, explored the surface of Mars, completed 89 space shuttle missions…
They shame all our ships

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…with dedicated people from other nations who share the same goals and dreams of a peaceful and posperous future..
There’s grief with the powerful seat

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…NASA has more than ever kept its feet grounded in fiscal discipline…
Know the signal

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…it was a fight for a while and there were those who thought we should abandon it, but we did not abandon it…
???? saw the win. Allow her

[Play Stream][Download File] so many ways your mission here at NASA reflects the spirit of Amercia…
Stealth with her sands during the shimmers

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…you are the place where dreams are made real, where impossible missions are accomplished by remarkable people…
More people will come

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…our people have always recognised the limitless possibilites of the human spirit…
The mellow sand. We go see a war

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…when it comes to exploring space, we must never consider any mission impossible…
Her lesson will ransom you

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..let us make sure that is the story of our Space program in the 21st century…
NASA feel lost in it

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