Celebrity Reversals

[Play Stream] [Download File] Courtney Love
Reverse Speech can tell us much about people’s motivations for behavior. Here famed rocker, Courtney Love is interviewed by Barbara Walters. Walter’s reversal says: "Show fed with the heroin." Love’s reversal says: "Dad’s wish for earnings. She must see proper sin."

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[Play Stream] [Download File] Madonna
In this example we hear Madonna praying just before going on stage. The night before this, she had gotten into serious trouble for masterbating on stage. Obviously the event was still on her mind because the reversal says: "My masterbate kills me."

[Play Stream] [Download File] Kirstie Alley
Here is Kirstie Alley being interviewed by Whoopie Goldberg. In this example she is talking about a woman who was having dinner with her man. She obviously does not like this woman and backwards she says: "Such a silly ass."

[Play Stream] [Download File] Sandra Bernhart
Here is Sandra Bernhardt talking to Madonna on her video, "Truth or Dare." She tells Madonna about a friend she visited the previous night. Note what she says forwards, "I was like a drug addict." Then Madonna asks her if she is sleeping with her friend. Two reversals occur in this section. The first one says, "They pulled out the grass." This directly relates to the other section forwards. The other reversal says: "I love to cum." This prompts Madonna to ask her question.

[Play Stream] [Download File] Madonna
In this example, Madonna is talking to a male friend. They are lying on the bed together. She says forwards, I want you but I can’t have you. Backwards she says: "I want you to rub my ass."

[Play Stream] [Download File] Mike Tyson
Here are two reversals on boxer Mike Tyson in a rather risque interview several years ago before his conviction for rape. In the first section he is talking about his version of events. The reversal says: "Thats the jive I was given." Note the black slang. The reversal seems to indicate he is giving a programmed line. In the second example he talks about why women would go after him. They reversal gives another reason in his mind. It says: "They look for the semen."

[Play Stream] [Download File] Whoopi Goldberg
The reversal says: See all the wealth that I got. I suck the money

[Play Stream] [Download File] Greg Kinnear
Here is an example from Greg Kinnear talking about his movie role with Harrison Ford. Two reversals occur here. The first one says: "Her love is Harrison." I don’t know who "Her" is. Maybe the female interviewer, however the reversal is included because it shows a name in reverse. Reverse Speech will frequently use names of people and places which make this technology very powerful as a fact finder. The second reversal says "I see he’ll laugh with a guy." This has a direct relationship to the forward as Greg is talking forwards about doing a comedy act with Harrison Ford. This is a congruent reversal showing he has genuine respect for the man.

[Play Stream] [Download File] Mel Gibson
Here is Mel Gibson talking about his movie, Ransom. The reporter asks him if he is like the character at all. Mel replies forwards, I’m not some corporate giant or anything. Backwards he says: "The book, make me some money." Like the character, Mel wants money. Watch for either a book by Mel or a movie (maybe in production now) that will be a best seller!


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