Casey Anthony

Casey  Anthony

Reversals found by Reverse Speech Analyst, Shawn H. Smith

Overview: Reversals hint that Casey was involved in, or had knowledge of, the death of her daughter, Caylee, but was not the actual killer. This was a mysterious figure who she refers to as the boy or boys. They warned her against going to the police and this is probably the reason she lied to them. There is also a reference to a porn dealer which she may have held out on.


Casey – “…waste my [call sitting in oh, the the jail].” – Boys did this. Warned me against the law. This reversal shows knowledge of other people responsible for the crime who warned her against going to the police and probably explains why she lied to the police.


Investigator: – “I would have called the police immediately, and that’s the part that I just don’t understand….”

Casey – “I didn’t [know what to do].” – Reason is the boy. This reversal gives us the reason why she didn’t contact the police – the “boy” – and is consistent with the first reversal (Crosstalk) Investigator: ‘…We could, we got so many resources.’


Casey – “[Because I’m not sitting here] (expletive delete) crying every two seconds.” – Bring in my father She wants her father.


Casey – “[Because nobody’s] (expletive delete) listening to anything I’m saying.” – He wouldn’t take it. Meaning unclear.


Casey – “Well I mean as far as I’m concerned here I don’t [really know on that level].” – Hold out on that porn dealer. This is a revealing reversal giving information that has not previously come out in this case. Who is the porn dealer that Casey held out on and what does he have to do with Caylee’s murder?


Casey – “I can’t think of any specifics. [I mean my days are all thrown togeth]er at least to know what the day is today…” – I did not foresee it happening. She didn’t know Caylee was going to be killed.


Casey – “…because I got [arrested on a]…” – In all the terror. Speaks for itself


Casey – “(expletive delete)…ing [waste your time] coming up here.” – Not this guilty She expresses the fact that she is not guilty of the crime.


Casey – “I was with officers pretty much since 9:00 o’clock last night up until today. Up until this evening [when I came up here].” – They call me shadow. Metaphor, her dark side – she is aware of what people are calling her.


Cindy Anthony – “[What do you mean it’s not your fault? What do you mean] it’s not your fault?” – Will you open up to me? This is straight forward.


Cindy Anthony – “I don’t know what your [involvement is sweet]heart.” – You’ve been involved. Meaning obvious


Lee Anthony – “I [think it’s kind of something] new everyday.” – Must not speak it. He is being quiet about something.


Police – “[What point did you stop trusting] her?” – It’s a tragedy of hell. Yes it was.