British PM David Cameron


1/ On the election trail

Cameron: "So we stop the jobs tax next year. That means saving [1 out of every] 100 pounds that the government spends." You rev it up now – stepping up the rhetoric as the election looms closer

Cameron: "And we need to be frank about this [and we were the first to say] that cuts would have to be made." Yes, its surf for the win – he is confident about winning and although not winning an outright majority in the election he did form a coalition and become Prime Minister

Clegg: "We have set out [in our manif]esto, you can have a look at it. In the back pages we have set out numbers." And I want it all – from Nick Clegg who formed a coalition with David Cameron and became Deputy Prime Minister

2/ David Cameron statement on torture enquiry – July 6th 2010

"The services and sacrifices made on our behalf by our armed forces and their families and keep them in our thoughts and prayers and thank them [for what they do on] our behalf." But we get a wolf – metaphor: strength, determination

"Honorable members should not underestimate the vast two way benefit this US, UK relationship has brought in disrupting terrorist plots and saving lives, so we need to [deal with these] problems." See the weed – metaphor: problems, issues

"Different communities in our country will welcome what has been said today as an effort to get to the truth, to get to the facts, to find out what happened, to make sure it cant happen again. I think that will be welcomed and I’m sure that she [will able to play] a part in that." Pampered this label – unknown

"I think the honorable gentleman makes an important point. All the published guidance in [the world cant deal with] all the incredibly difficult circumstances that our brave intelligence officers find themselves in different parts of the world." The weed mark whirlwind – metaphor: the problems affect the energy of Britain

"But it does get them to a better situation, one where we can [deal with this] stain on Britain’s reputation, and as I say…" See the weed – same metaphor used for the third time in this speech – clearly accusations of torture by Britain is a weed or problem

3/ David Cameron joint press conference with President Obama 20th of July 2010

"(talking about the release of the Lockerbie bomber): I’m not standing here today and saying it was a bad decision to release ??? cos I’m here. I said this a year at the time that it was a bad decision. [It shouldn’t have been made]. The British government as well should have been clear that it was a bad decision rather than going along with it." Damn, live in the shit – this reversal is probably an expression of his frustration over the release.