British PM, David Cameron in Parliament

October 2011

1/ On the death of Lybian leader Colonel Gaddafi

“…to protect civilians and to give the Lybian people the chance to determine their own political future. With the death Gaddafi they now really do have that chance. The whole house will join me in paying tribute to our armed forces [for the role that they have] played. Over 3000 missions flown, some 2000 strike sorties, one fifth of the total strike sorties.” We had the war with it – congruent reversal.

“But I hope its also showed that this country has learnt not only the lessons of Iraq but the lessons of Bosnia too. When it is [necessary] and legal and right to act, we should be ready to do so.” Erase the sins – congruent reversal

2/ On the European Council

“This European council was about three things. Sorting out the problems of the Euro zone, promoting growth [in the European] Union and ensuring that as Euro Zone develops new arrangements for governments, the interest of those outside the Euro Zone are protected.” They pray in it – meaning unsure

“To require a referendum by [law for any such] transfer of powers from this House.” I seen it fall – seen the House fall?

“He led his back benches and all of his front benches through the division lobby to vote a[gainst the] IMF deal that his own former Prime Minister had negotiated in London. That was a complete absence of leadership like so much that we see from the Honorable Gentleman.” Its the egg – throwing a metaphorical egg in his face?

“Members of my party fought the last election committed to three things. Stop[ping the passage] of further powers to the EU.” This happen – he is determined to fulfill his committments.