Bill Gates Reversal Analysis

Reverse Speech Bill Gates Reversal Analysis

Bill Gates Reversal Analysis

This is the Bill Gates reversal analysis who was born October 28, 1955 as William Henry Gates III and is an American business magnate, entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor, and programmer. In 1975, Bill Gates and Paul Allen co-founded Microsoft, which became the world’s largest PC software company.

The secrets to Bill Gates success lie in the very simple fact that he recognized at an early age the potential of software and was committed to success, overcoming obstacles as he went along. He has, however, a negative and callous streak and this has created some deep conflicts over his self esteem, and even his spiritual salvation.


Gates – “And we really thought writing software was a neat thing, we hired our friends who wrote software, we thought about ah, what the potentials were and really didn’t [see any limit].” – A million ace. – (He recognised the million dollar potential of his business)


Gates – “Well the technolo[gy business has a lot of] twists and turns and that’s why, probably why it’s such a fun business.” – But I was nice in city. – (He interacted well with the city – or the market place.)


Gates – “Most of our growth will come [from outside the United States. The United] States will get to the point where it’s largely a replacement market. Most homes and business desktop will have PC.” – United States, did I need their fun? – (He saw the potential as being larger than the US)


Gates – “77 was the first time that it appears in print where we say a computer on every desk and in every home, and actually we said running Microsoft software. If we were just talking about the vision we’d leave those last three words out, ah if we talking in an internal company discussion [we’d put those words in].” – There’s no thought of you. – (A strange reversal that appears to show no concern for the consumers.)


Gates – “You know, at the time you have people who are very smart saying [you know why would somebo]dy need a computer.” – You must do our way. – (An insistence that things be done Microsoft’s way.)


Gates – “When IBM saw that we had written the software for all the personal computers, [they came to us], sought our advice on the design…” – I will make it. – (He will be successful)


Gates – “We really were very practical about that next thing and so involved in the deep engineering [that we didn’t get ahead of o]urselves. We never thought you know, how big we’d be.” – What a headache, you do it. – (Despite the obstacles, he pushes ahead to success.)


Gates – “Ah, with Pertech, you know my Dad [gave me good ad]vice, he was uh, very supportive on, on that.” – They’re looking big. – (His intuition is telling him they will be big.)


Gates – “Microsoft was at the centre of the personal computer revolution, in particularly, in particularly the creation of the software market where you went out to [lots of companies and en]couraged them to write software.” – Gonna see it, mucked the Soul. – (Is his soul in danger?)


Gates – “When I was a student I was known for being very good at [Math and reading a lot of] books.” – But I’ll lead him to fame. – (A part of his mind decided at that early stage that he was going to achieve fame.)


Gates – “Well for a year [we kept finding] bugs until finally the, the company said no, no you have to pay for this…” – We now fuck you. – (A callous business attitude?)


Gates – “In your den you’ll have a device that you sit closer to, [it’ll have a k]eyboard, you’ll be able to do your homework.” – You may hold it. – (Predicting the reduction is size of computers etc)


Gates – “We got a little bit of a video about uh, some of this uh, video recognition work we’re doing , so lets take a look from the researchers themselves about [how they see this].” – The beast, see my heart. – (An ominous reversal similar to the mucked soul above.)


Gates – “And it’s no coincidence that uh, the US economy has benefited uh, [from that] and created more jobs than any other economy.” – I’m a fart. – (Degrading himself.)


Gates – “We’re raising the money so that the limited budgets of those countries don’t block them from getting even the very latest vaccines, so one for diarrhea called roto virus.” – That’s the deal, nerve at Earth. – (Shows his commitment to vaccines, but nerve at earth is a puzzle.)


Gates – “No, I don’t tend to get angry, I don’t [think that’s very] constructive ah…” – You’re a faggot. – (Another personal degradation.)


Gates – “I think if people could all visit, ah [it would make a difference and that’s why] those who do get a chance need to come back and witness it and make people, make people feel good about what’s being done.” – You’re famous, afraid we can do it. – (Internal dialogue, fear over the impact he can have.)


Gates – “(Talking about a meeting with Australian politician Tony Abbott): Then we have a management mentality hearing from a business type person why they think this is the very best way to spend money, I think you know, a little bit you realise hey its not soft thinking, its not just that these are sad causes it’s because of the real change – he couldn’t be nicer – I [didn’t ask him to write a check] or anything.” – Cash the deal when we sign. – (Incongruent, a deal was struck)


Gates – “They’re willing to offer, for these countries, ah absolutely break even type pricing so whether it’s drugs or its vaccines, the poorest in the world we are getting out.” – Have results. – (He is making an impact.)


Gates – “We simply buy investments that are, are properly policed by govern[ments and then that we do the good work] through our, our donations.” – Grow the gold, you menace now. – (An incongruent reversal. He is creating a problem.)


Gates – “It’s very tragic that even in the [case of polio], ah in the last 6 months, ah the workers have been targeted, and both in Pakistan and, and in Nigeria and killed.” – I lock the sick. – (Incongruent – Keeping the sick in the same cycle.)


Gates – “You know, in certain respects computers are far faster than we are today, ah multiplying, ah perfect memory, ah and it’s this wonderful auxiliary tool that lets us communicate and create, the abilit[y to simulate] things ah….” – Killing this city. – (Meaning unknown – appears to suggest computers are causing damage – another incongruent reversal on Bill Gates.)


Gates – “Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, [reproductive health services, we could] lower that by perhaps 10 or 15%.” – We’re useless in this life ahead of you. – (Continuing the theme of incongruity – he suffers from self esteem issues.)