Benjamin Netanyahu before Congress

May 2011

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, addressed the US Congress on May 24th 2011. Here are some reversals found in his speech.

Reverse dialogue is shown in orange. Click on the reversals to download the mp3 files. The exact forward words where the reversal occurred are marked with brackets – [ ].

“We’re proud in Israel that over [1 million] Arab citizens of Israel have been enjoying these rights for decades.” Let him know – unsure who he is referring to.

“We long for the day when Israel will be one of many real democracies [in the reg], in the Middle East.” Doing it – congruent reversal – they are working towards this goal

“You’ve condemned the Iranian regime for its genocidal aims, you’ve passed tough sanctions against Iran. History [will salute you] America.” We do this slow – unsure what exactly it is that they are doing slow

“Israel [always] reserves, Israel always reserves the right to defend itself.” See a war – is there a war coming?

“Now we’ve achieved historic peace agreements with Egypt and Jordon and these have held up for decades. I remember what it was like [before we had peace].” See bloody wolf – congruent metaphor.

“With such a partner the Palestinian, [rather the Israe]li people, will be prepared to make a far reaching compromise. I’ll be prepared to make a far reaching compromise.” See the love arrow – congruent reversal – holding out the olive branch

“But as President Obama said, the border will be different than the one that existed on June 4th 1967. Israel will not return to the indefensible boundaries of 1967.” Get it now – congruent reversal

“So I say to President Abbas. Tear up your pact with Hamas. [Sit down and negotiate]. Make peace with the Jewish state.” They should. They denied this – congruent reversal