Barack Obama on The View

Barack Obama on The View

29th of July 2010


"And [so the last] 20 months has been a non stop effort to restart the economy, to stabilize the financial system." Sail with us – metaphor, calling for support

"The one thing that does [frustrate me so]metimes is the sense that we shouldn’t be campaigning all the time." I’ve seen you suffer – recognition of the problems Americans are facing

"You’re absolutely right that its not enough and if you don’t have a job right now the only answer that you want to hear is I’m hired, so [the frustration that] people have is entirely justified." Then the show suffered – comment on people unable to get jobs – they suffered

"You remember when we decided to go and restructure the auto industry. There were a lot of complaints out there. Why are we bailing out the car [companies? Now], we’ve been bailing them out for years before that just asking nothing in return." I need a fuck – this reversal, if it refers to sex, is similar to another one found on Obama in July 2010 – it says "Soon I must have sex" Are these reversals giving us an insight into his sexual nature?

"I want to point out that when I came in and during the campaign I was very explicit. We need to bring [an end to the war in I]raq and we need to refocus our strategy in Afghanistan cos its not working." I know with this manner

"I do have a, I do have a, i got a pod though, [and I got, I got] a great Ipod." I got, I got it right