Barack Obama on the Economy August 2010

18th August 2010

"One of the best Senators, I believe, in the United States Senate ??? is here and one of finest Governors [in the country, Ted Strickland] is here." You’re set, you fucked me

"[All right, so with that], what I want to do is I just want to open it up and you guys can ask me questions about anything." I have the worst error

"With these lower rates, this better deal, he still cant afford it, then we’re going to provide some [subsidies to] help him, so all those things combined should help make sure your brother is getting health insurance." I see this fuss

"We got married I think the same year, our [kids are about the same age, so we’ve] kind of gone through the same stuff. And Michelle and I, i don’t know about you guys, we didn’t talk about this but Michelle and I we had a lot of debt when we finished school." You will say mess the lovers dick