Barack Obama on the Economy July 2010

July 2010

1/ The following reversals were found on Barack Obama commenting on the economy in Kansas city July 8th 2010. They are damning reversals laying the blame squarely at the feet of Obama for the continuing economic crisis.

"And some of them may still be unpopular today but [we made] those decisions because we had to stop the freefall." Damn you

"And because [we made tho]se hard choices our economy is in a different place today than it was just a year ago." I damn you

"And there’s going to be some hard days ahead, that’s the truth. Its going to take [a while for us to dig ourselves] out of this hole." Plus I get it so foul


2/ The next reversals were found the following day when he wasin Las Vegas also talking about the economy

"And Harry was willing to lead those fights because he knew that we had to change course. That to do nothing, [to simply] continue with the policies that had gotten us into this mess in the first place would mean further disaster." You’ll miss it

"And to fail to act on some of the great challenges facing [the country] that we’ve been putting off for decades would mean a lesser future for our children and our grandchildren." You fuck ’em

"But its also partly because of a grant we’re offering [companies that] manufacture electric vehicles and the batteries that power them." They’ve seen the fuck

"A solar power company called Aminex received roughly a 6 million dollar tax credit for a new [facility they’re building] in the Las Vegas area." Your Lord with the loss

"And businesses are hiring again right here in Nevada and Americans are headed [back to work ag]ain and we’ve recovered from this recession." You go with stab