Barack Obama on Education

Barack Obama on Education

30th July 2010

“But I want to remind you what things [were like i]n August 2008. Our economy was in free fall. We had just seen 7 straight months of job loss.” On the gallows

“Many minority [communities whether in big cities] or rural towns had seen businesses and opportunities vanish for years.” See this, give the lousy name

“Now since we’re on the topic of speaking honestly with one another, I want to devote the balance of my time, the balan[ce of my remarks] to an issue that I believe will largely determine not only African American success, but the success of our nation in the 21st century.” Scum around us

“Because the argument is well if there’s a compe[tition then] somehow some states, some school districts will get more help than others.” Name the shit

“Let me tell you, what’s not working for black kids and Hispanic kids and native American kids across this country is the status quo. [That’s what not working]. What’s not working is what we’ve been doing for decades now.” They grow, I’m so sad

“So the charge that race to the top isn’t targeted at those young people most in need is absolutely false because lifting up quality for all our children,
black, white, Hispanic, that is the central premise of race to the top, and you cant win one of these grants unless you’ve got a plan to [deal with those] schools that are failing and those young people who aren’t doing well.” Saw the weed

“It is unfair but that’s not what race to [the top is about]. What race to the top says is there’s nothing wrong with testing, we just need better tests.” I was a bastard

“Unlike no child left behind, this isn’t about [labeling a troubled] school a failure and then just throwing up your hands and saying we’re giving up on you.” We’re busting your bill