Barack Obama in the UK

May 2011


1/ Obama addresses the British Parliament

Reverse dialogue is shown in orange. Click on the reversals to download the mp3 files. The exact forward words where the reversal occurred are marked with brackets – [ ].

Obama: "The United States has removed 100,000 troops from Iraq. The United Kingdom has removed its forces [and our combat] mission there has ended." They mock on it – some people are mocking him over this decision.

Obama: "And nearly ten years after 911 we have disrupted terrorist networks and dealt Al Qaeda a huge [blow by killing its] leader, Osama Bin Laden." When you lick our bomb – metaphor, when they feel America’s fire power

Obama: "And today the competition for the best jobs and industries favors countries that are free thinking and [forward looking]. Countries with the most creative and innovative and entrepreneurial citizens." Hold the wolf – metaphor, strength confidence

Obama: "Moreover even when the [free market works as it] should both our countries recognize that no matter how responsibly we live in our lives, hard times or bad luck, a crippling illness or lay off may strike any one of us." Is that still to come – are hard times in the future?

Obama: "In the long years to come not only will the people of this island, but the world, wherever the bird of freedom chirps in the human heart [look back] to what we’ve done and they will say do not despair do not yield, march straight forward." Have hope – a congruent reversal followed immediately after by him mentioning hope in his forward speech

2/ Joint Press Conference with British PM, David Cameron

Obama: "I want to thank her Majesty the Queen and the British people for the extraordinary welcome that has been extended to me and Michelle. It’s a shining example of the genuine warmth and affect[ion that out two nations] feel towards one another." We share this garden – metaphor, a place of new life, rebirth and creation.

Obama: "…that our nations have a long term interest in ensuring that Afghanistan never again becomes a launching pad for attacks [against our people], so alongside our NATO allies and partners we’re committed to a strong and enduring partnership with the people of Afghanistan." Be boss, nigger – a rather crude way of exerting his authority

Obama: :"Today before we came here, Michelle and I joined [David and Samantha] for an outstanding barbeque at number ten for active duty members of our militaries along with their spouses." We’re famous in the bed – a strange reversal, a metaphor maybe "getting into bed together" as in connecting

Obama: "We have a  broad based international mandate and a broad based international coalition designed to make sure that Afghanistan does not serve as a base for attacks against our people. We’re discussed consistent with what we said in Lisbourn during our NATO summit that this will be a [year of transition]…" She’s now free – referencing Afghanistan

Obama: "There’s no doubt [that the United] States and the United Kingdom have a unique relationship." But I need them – the US needs England

Obama: "I have said from [the outset] that our goal, the reason that we intervened in Lybia was to protect people on the ground." They’re slime – a reference to Lybia

Obama: "…a false perception that there are a whole bunch of secret super effective air assets that are in a warehouse somewhere that could just be pulled out and that would somehow [immediately solve the situation] in Lybia. That’s not the case." Shows this boss, you’re leading it – exerting his authority

Obama: :"My goal as I set out in the [speech I gave last week] is a Jewish state of Israel that is safe and secure and recognized by its neighbors." You’ll sail bigger ships – meaning unknown – an escalation of naval forces around Israel?

Obama: "What I am absolutely certain of is that if they’re not talking we’re not going to make any progress and neither the Israeli people or the Palestinian people [would be well served]." Her soul evil – would appear to be a reference to Palestine

Obama: "It is very difficult for Israelis to sit across the table and negotiate with a party that is denying your right to exist and has not renounced the right [to send missiles] and rockets into your territory." I’ll send NASA – space spy activities?