Barack Obama in Chicago

August 5th 2010


Click on reversal to download mp3 file. The exact forward words where the reversal occurred has been marked with brackets – [ ].

"It is good to be back home and I am [so proud to be s]tanding here with the next Senator from the great state of Illinois, Alexi Giannoulias." See the Tao force – metaphor – a reference to the universal energy system, the yin and yang of life

"It is wonderful to be here [and it is wonderful] to be with Alexi." Often knows internet – I guess he surfs the net a lot

"Tough luck, you’re on your own. That was the philosophy of the last administration [and their friends in Congr]ess." Iraq, there’s no friend there – this reversal seems to be unrelated to the forwards and maybe an isolated thought. Are there problems with Iraqi relations?

"A plan that rewards responsibility instead of recklessness. A plan that’s focused on making our middle class more secure [and our country] more competitive in the long run." You fuck on it – incongruent – this reversal is just one of many reversals found on Obama over the months that indicate he is doing more harm than good

"The investments [we’ve made so far] will lead to more than 800,000 clean energy jobs by 2012." Our force damned you – incongruent

"We just got a report today from the trust fund that manages Medicare saying we’ve extended the life of Medicare by 12 years because of the health insurance reform. It is going to be more secure for our seniors and it’s going to be there for future generations because of the changes [we made]." Damn you – incongruent

"They want to extend the Bush tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires that have exploded our deficit. They talk a good game about [deficit reduction] and then every time you ask them what’s your plan, they don’t have one." The shadow was fed – metaphor – his dark side is being satisfied