Barack Obama Campaign Rally

February 2008


These are a mixed bag of reversals. Some are congruent, others are not. Overall, I do not believe he is as he appears.

Click on the reversal to hear the mp3 file. The exact forward words where the reversals occurred are marked with brackets – [ ]

“That’s why we were able to give health insurance to children in need. That’s why [we made the tax s]ystem right here in Springfield more fair and just for working families.” This has to damn you (This is an incongruent reversal occurring right after he talks about health insurance. It mirrors other incongruent reversals around health insurance that we found. These can be heard here –

“Especially because improving our schools will involve more than just money. It will involve a change in mindset, a [belief that every child counts].” I flash, you better feel (This is a bizarre reversal seemingly completely out of context. Does it give us insight into his character, a sexual side? Or is he enjoying the adulation from his popularity?)

“He doesn’t [need bankruptcy laws] to protect banks and big lenders. He needs us to protect pensions, not CEO bonuses.” Its always prepared me (Does he feel he has been prepared for the top job?)

“But somewhere along the road to the Republican nomination, the straight talk express [lost its wheels] because now he’s all for those same tax cuts. Well I am not. We cannot keep spending money.” I use the soul (He speaks with passion.)

“We have now won East and West, [North and South] and across the heartland of this country we love.” Pass that Throne (He clearly sees the Presidency, or at least the democratic nomination, as the throne – and he wants it!)

“But we also know that at this moment the cynics can no longer [say that our] hope is false.” Proud of this (He is proud that he has come as far as he has.)

“Its time to stand up and reach for what’s possible because together people who [love their country can] change it.” But you fuck it up (Incongruent reversal – the people of the country are fucking it up. He feels superior.)

More Obama reversals can be heard here

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