Barack Obama at DNC in Atlanta

August 2nd 2010


Click on reversal to download mp3 file. The precise forward words where the reversal occurred is marked with brackets – [ ].

"And one of the gen[uine heroes] of this country, Congressman John Lewis." Sorry now – what he is sorry about is undetermined.

"AG Commissioner, [Tony Irwin]." The worry lost – unsure what the worry is

"I took office after nearly a decade of economic policies that [gave us] sluggish growth, falling incomes and a record deficit." So big – most likely a comment on the deficit

"[We’re making] smart investments and innovation and clean energy and education that are going to benefit all of our people and our entire economy over the long run." We gamble – its not as set in stone as he would have us believe – it is a gamble.

"Now because the [policies of the last decade] got us in such a deep hole it’s going to take some time to dig ourselves out." Dickhead sells his slop – maybe a reference to George Bush given the context of the forward dialogue

"We’re going to rethink our approach, go out [in the wilderness for a whi]le, come back with some new ideas." Our wolf’s in the whirlwind – metaphor for creation and manifestation – its is unsure what he is manifesting though

"They have not come up with a single [solitary] new idea to address the challenges of the American people." Here is the loss – congruent reversal

"And yes day after day, week after week they keep on stalling this bill and stonewalling this bill and opposing this bill. [Why]? Pure politics." Help – speaks for itself

"In the industries of the future I want to see all that stuff right here in the United States of America with American workers, and the investments [we’ve made so far] are expected to create 800,000 jobs by 2012." Our force damned you – incongruent reversal – he has caused harm.

"You’d think it would be common sense to say lets have some basic rules of the road in place to ensure that a crisis like this doesn’t happen again. But what did the other party say – no. They want to go back to the status quo that got us into the [same situation]." (It) shows this mess – congruent reversal.

"They’re about to pay the tax payers back for every invest[ment that we made], then I say to myself I’m not here just to do what’s popular, I’m here to do what’s right." Damn you with ’em – incongruent reversal.