Barack Obama at Disabled Veterans Conference

August 2nd 2010

“Many of you served in the jungles [of Vietnam].” Our neighbours

“You fought to stand again and to walk again and to work again. You fought for each other and for the benefits and treatments you had earned. You became leaders in our communities and our companies [and our country].” You fuck on it – incongruent

“Now [this summer] tens of thousands of our troops in Iraq are coming home.” I must sin – incongruent

“On the military front nearly [all the additional forces] that I ordered to Afghanistan are now in place.” Want shitty law – incongruent

“We are going to cut this [deficit that we’ve got], and I’ve proposed a freeze on discretionary domestic spending.” I deal with this – congruent – he is handling the problem

“As a result of the innovation competition [that I announced last summer], our dedicated VA employees suggested more than 10,000 new ways to cut through the red tape and the bureaucracy.” I must sail, sign Adam – metaphor – he must take action and source his male energy.

“For Veterans trying to find [work in a very tough ec]onomy, we’re helping with job training and placement.” The fussed nerve better go – metaphor – he must be calm.