President Barack Obama $400 Million Iran Payment

President Barack Obama Press Conference $400 Million Iran Payment - Reverse Speech Analysis

President Barack Obama $400 Million Payment Iran

President Barack Obama in a press conference on Thursday dismissed all suggestions a $400 million payment to Iran amounted to a ransom paid in return for the release of American hostages. But the State Department’s spokesperson John Kirby, said that the truth, that the Iran payment was contingent on the prisoner release, was an act of diplomacy not ransom paid. The U.S. withheld a $400 million cash payment to Iran earlier this year as leverage to ensure that American prisoners would be released as the country had promised. State Department spokesman John Kirby said. “We were able to conclude multiple strands of diplomacy within a 24-hour period,”

Kirby told reporters in Washington on Thursday. “We deliberately leveraged that moment.” Kirby was responding to a report in the Wall Street Journal that the U.S. wouldn’t let Iran take control of the money until a plane carrying the American prisoners had left Iran in January. The U.S. said talks over the release of the prisoners were held during last year’s negotiations with Iran. The reversals below came from President Barack Obama’s speech during his press conference about the accusations surrounding the payment of the $400 million dollars to Iran.


Obama – “We were completely open with everybody about it, and it’s interesting to [me how this suddenly] became a story again.” – Build the sign.


Obama – “We were completely open with [everybody about it], and it’s interesting to me how this suddenly became a story again.” – Did I beat up Iran?


Obama – “..and that’s what [these payments represent]. And it wasn’t a secret.” – Let’s approach the Nazi.


Obama – “..[at the time we] explained that Iran had pressed a claim before an International Tribunal, about them recovering money of theirs that we had frozen…” – You mastered that.