Australian Election Debate July 2010


Here are reversals from the live television debate held July 25th 2010 between Australia’s Prime Minister, Julia Gillard and the Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott.

Click on the reversal to download mp3 file. The precise forward words responsible for the reversals are indicated with brackets [ ].

Gillard: "In 27 days time Australia will make a choice. I believe it’s a choice between Australia moving forward or going back, and I know you’ve heard me say those words before. So tonight I’m just going to take a [few minutes of your] time to explain what I mean by those words." Nasty, this enemy Presumably a reference to her opponent, Tony Abbott.

Gillard: "I think Australia is a great country, the best country on Earth, [but it can be] a better country and that’s what I mean by moving forward." Here, make it up – incongruent, she does not believe in what she is saying.

Gillard: "…a plan to bring the budget back to surplus in 2013, three years earlier than scheduled [and before any] other major advanced economy in the world." In it often – unknown

Gillard: "..why I will keep investing in the quality of the teacher standing in front of that classroom, why I will keep rolling out our trades training centers because they’re so important, [just so im]portant." You are certain – congruent, she believes passionately in what she is saying

Abbott: "…and a strong economy is the foundation, [the necessary] foundation for a fair go." Your race ascended – unknown

Abbott: "They’re borrowing 100 million dollars every single day and they’re threatening our economic future with their great big [new tax on mining]." And I’m not scatting – "scat" to run away hastily – in other words he’s not going anywhere. Listen to the very next thing he said following that reversal and notice the correlation.

Gillard: "We make sure there are no [new dirty pow]er stations built." I better dream

Gillard: "Business has been complaining for 30 years [that they have different ob]ligations in different states." Want to feed the habit – unknown

Gillard: "There were some public servants that actually had tears in their eyes cos they’d spent [all of their working] life waiting for someone to deliver that reform." We go with the law – congruent – belief in the parliamentary process?

Gillard: "If we are going to have deep and lasting change [then I do want A]ustralians to come with me and that’s what you’ve seen when I announced our climate change policy." I know we’ve done it – congruent,. confident

Abbott: "This government has put Australia in a somewhat weaker position to respond to [any subsequent] economic problems." Knows fuss in it – congruent

Abbott: "Well look I don’t say that the system is perfect but I think [that it’s the best] we are likely to get." Save that spirit – congruent

Gillard (in response to a question concerning the ousting of former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd): "Well Chris, I’m not going to canvas conversations I had with Kevin Rudd but I am very happy [to say this]." See the acid – stinging negative emotions

Abbott: "It’s about whether the public can trust the Labor Party when not even Kevin Rudd could. [So there is a better way], a fair dinkum paid parental leave scheme." How will Labor see with us – congruent, how can Labor see their path

Abbott: "So let’s have a change of government before [any more damage] can be done." She made home in it – presumably a reference to Julia Gillard