Art Bell’s Area 51 Callers

The following reversals were found on a program Art bell aired in September 1997 when he threw the phone lines open to employees (past or present) of Area 51.

First A Regular Caller Named Steve

[Play Stream] [Download File] …I can tell you who can call. It’s actually my first name …
Make it up

[Play Stream] [Download File] Art: …you worked at S4?
Steve: ..No. That’s the area where I was living
Its September (A seemingly inconsequential reversal but shortly afterwards Art and Steve talk about September forwards – it is common in Reverse Speech to see topics discussed backwards before they are discussed forwards.)

[Play Stream] [Download File] Art: …this is a lot of a the kind of stuff that David Oates talked about when he talked about the NASA guys…
The sign of the sheeps that serve you, we know (This a metaphor referring to Reverse Speech. RS talks about itself as a tool for the people, or the sheep seeking a Shepherd.)

[Play Stream] [Download File] ….all of that comes from what they were thinking subconsciously more or less and it could get jumbled together. I’m not very familiar with that. I just heard it ion passing at the time….
The rotten schmuck and I remembered here / They reversed the dial (An amusing reversal – he’s about to get busted by Reverse Speech. The information he is “revealing” came from what he remembered in my previous broadcast.)

[Play Stream] [Download File] …(talking about Atlantis) ..there could not any intervention there, cos there was no-one in space. No-one had travelled…
Find the script

[Play Stream] [Download File] ..thank you very much….
I’m arrogant

The Famous Satellite Loss Caller

[Play Stream] [Download File] The following section is from a frantic caller to Art’s program who was subsequently cut off the air when Art’s satellite went down. First of all here is the entire forward dialogue. Notice the signal breaking up towards the end.

Here are the reversals that I think are clear enough to quote. I have received many emails about this particular call with many people claiming they have heard other reversals that I missed. This may be true, but there ones below are the only ones I think are clear enough to quote.

[Play Stream] [Download File] ….what we’re thinking of as aliens, Art, they’re extra dimensional beings….
Want to get through

[Play Stream] [Download File] …the government knows about them and there’s a lot of safe areas in this world that they could begin moving the population to…
They’re shielding off in your room

[Play Stream] [Download File] ..they want those major population centers wiped out so the few that are left will be easily controllable..
Feel the heat

[Play Stream] [Download File] ….(disjointed speech) – I start to get a…..
Gonna get a shot

Ex-Security Guard

[Play Stream] [Download File] ..about your interruption, your last caller, I don’t think you’re going to hear from him again…
Mega man free

Area 51 ‘Cleaner’

[Play Stream] [Download File] ..we worked with some things, some different satellite operations in the gulf war where we cut down certain transmissions….
You were well fogged. The show bought hell

45 Seconds Caller

[Play Stream] [Download File] …I only will stay on the line for 45 seconds … .tonight was one of very rare night that I didn’t (tape the program)…
Art, so I say. Warn you / My man had a gun

[Play Stream] [Download File] ART: …now I’ve heard it, thank you folks. I was unable to hear it until now…
We force our battery

Next Caller

[Play Stream] [Download File] …I’d like to follow up with the area51 contributions being given…
No interfere. Evil fall off

[Play Stream] [Download File] ART: …yes it does….
Sad to say

Next Caller

[Play Stream] [Download File] ..situations have been cleaned. Tonight especially…
They’ll shut you down

[Play Stream] [Download File] ART … the very end, it was kind of a scream and a screach and a cut off…
And did we fuss

[Play Stream] [Download File] ART: …did you say pathetic or prophetic….
Broken us up. Get us off

Next Caller

[Play Stream] [Download File] …you know all those signs, deadly force will be used if you go beyond this perimeter….
They’ll use Nazi love

[Play Stream] [Download File] ART …I don’t buy that call at all. That was a way of getting on the air to start screaching about how the real villians are the council of foreign relations and all that…
Doesn’t really believe

One Final Word

Recently “The Famous Satellite Loss Caller” reportably phoned in to Art Bell confessing that his call was a scam and I have been accused of being wrong in my assessment of the truthfullness of this call. Let me restate my position on this call. The following reversals have been on my site for over six months and there are are no reversals posted that either confirm or deny the truthfullness of this call – they are ambiguous. A two minute phone conversation is far too short to draw any firm conclusions either way, and I have been less than impressed with the many reversals sent to me supporting either position. This includes a recent challenger to me on air about this situation, playing reversals that he claimed showed the caller was a fake. These reversals were shakey at best, and had earlier been rejected using research protocols, along with other reversals that supposedly supported the genuity of the call. Reversals MUST meet all research Protocol requirements otherwise innaccuracies will occur. I reject over half of all reversals initially documented before they ever reach the air or my site. The reversals I have posted are the only ones that could be considered clear.

In my radio presentation of this analysis I did lean towards the possibility that it was a genuine call, however I was not willing to be emphatic about that position. My positive stance was because, I could document no reversals that said it was a fake AND the vast majority of reversals from the callers following were also in support of its genuinity. This position of mine was probably a little too hasty, and serves to remind all of us that we must stick to the reversals and the reversals ONLY when drawing conclusions. And these reversals confirmed nothing either way. The only thing one could be clear on was that he “wanted to get through” to Art, to quote his own reversal.

Correct reversal documentation AND correct analysis without embellishment will always lead to correct conclusions. I have been very confident with the documentation protocols for many years but we are still learning the fine art of interpretation. This episode has only reinforced the necessity for even greater conservatism in conclusions drawn based on reversals only that meet all research protocols (some of these protocols are posted elsewhere on this site).