Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole drunk at the Oscars

“..and if i ever record an album I want this guy to produce my, make me beautiful [cos he’s freaking] genius.” Make you sea sick

Anna Nicole at the 71st Annual Academy Awards

“I’m doing some modelling. I’m reading some scripts right now. I’ve done a lot of, [a few sit]coms.” I see fat

“Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour and will always be, and I pray everyday, i pray tonight that he will have his angels by me and I will have my guardian angels and they’ve been [by me all night] long so amen to that and a[men to the Lord].” I’m not in love / Drool with this man

“I wouldn’t be here [if it wasn’t] for my guardian angels.” The soul went sacred

Anna Nicole on Larry King 2002

“He’s 16 – [yeah he was a baby] back then.” Was really high

” (on meeting her first husband) …and then I became later a breakfast cook and he worked in the back [thats when i first, er set]…” Yes, I fell in love first

” (on her oil tycoon husband’s first proposal) …I turned him down. I said that I wanted to try and [make something out] of my life.” I have a scam

“…because he took me out of a horrible place and was taking care of me and [my son and] I loved him for that.” I’m an ass

“I don’t do that. I never thought once [to ever ask] for money.” I wrecked this

“He gave me everything. I would said give me some money. I would have [just kept] getting money or something.” Make exit

Howard K. Stern on Larry King 2002

“..the true love they did have so [to me its not] difficult to perceive…” I’m famous now

Anna Nicole Documentary

“[I grew up pretty] fast. I was married, had a baby and divorced all by the age of 18.” You look vulgar

“(talking about her son) …we just love playing on the farm with all of our animals. He’ll always be my [number one cowboy].” He’ll break no woman

Anna Nicole on making videos

“You’ve got to play with your emotions. You’ve got to play with your partner at the same time. It can be [a very powerful moment].” The man will throw up. You rave


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