Ann Coulter June 2015

Ann Coulter


Ann – “If, if the demographics of this country had not changed so dramatically because of immigration, Romney would of won a bigger landslide than Reagan did again[st Carter in 1980].” – And he’s on the rocks.


Ann – “, you know buses and, and subways as they have in India and Mexico because of the, the, the way women are treated and sexually abused there. Get used to your [little girls being] raped and, and being pregnant. Get use to not being able to go to your national parks because they are being burnt down, pot farms are being grown there, pesticides drum, dumped all over….” – It’s horrible.


Ann – “We need a cause, we need a 10 year moratorium, [we can assimilate the ones] already here, um, we definitely need a fence on the border…” – Now we’ll kill this nigger.


Ann – “(Interviewer)..hands in refusing to vote for Romney because he’s a Mormon. (Ann) [He got more] of the Evangelical vote than McCain or Reagan.” – They’re all muggy.