Al Bielek – The Philadelphia Experiment


Reversals found by Shawn H. Smith


Al Bielek claims that during world war two he was involved in an project that sent a ship into hyperspace and returned. Some crew members were molecularly fused to the ships metal when it returned. He further claims that Nicola Tesla was involved in this experiment and that 2 men were sent forward in time 40 years then subsequently returned to the said battle ship. The project was allegedly called the "Philadelphia Experiment." The following speech reversals are taken from various interviews given by Al Bielek. They seem to support his tale.

Click on reversal to play/download mp3 file. The exact words forwards where the reversal has occurred are marked with brackets – [ ].

"When they boarded the ship they found out much about what happened. They found two men buried in the steel deck, two men were buried upright in the steel bulk head, a fifth man had his hand buried in the steel bulk head. He lived, he was the only one of the five who lived and they cut his hand off and gave him an artificial hand later. And, it was absolute pandemonium when they found this. [And those who were still on deck] were insane and totally out of it." Had knowledge, I was the one there – this reversal appears be congruent, stating that he had knowledge and was present on the scene.

"There were other people who had done this too also. I don’t know if you are familiar with the story of a Doctor Frederick Trippers who was brought over to the United States as Project Paper Clip in 1946, 47. [He also had a] fake funeral in 1962." Hear that whole story – another congruent reversal as he tells his story.

"…for [a test at a later date]…" He’d been able to test it – congruent reversal, confirming story

"The history for the Philadelphia Experiment involving not only the USS Eldridge but some earlier ships and experimentations goes back a long way. Actually goes back to 1931 when the first experimental considerations of the possibility of making an object invisible were engaged by Doctor [Nicola Tesla], Doctor John Hutchinson of the University of Chicago." I was asked to work on it – congruent reversal confirming story

"…who were the four original staff members and many other people came on board [at various times after that]. Tesla worked with the Institute but he was never a staff member." Now the phase master was there – the phase master is possibly a reference to Nicola Tesla confirming he was involved in the project.

"We actually went up during the daylight hours up above ground on the [base. They did not let us off the base] but we did have a look around it." Shared the falsehood. I wanted to see it – this is the only reversal with dubious meaning – is he telling a falsehood in this part of his story? Or does falsehood refer to the story the navy was trying to spin? You decide.