2016 Vice Presidential Debate – Kaine vs. Pence

2016 Vice Presidential Debate - Kaine vs. Pence

2016 Vice Presidential Debate – Kaine vs. Pence

2016 Vice Presidential Debate – Kaine vs. Pence – On Tuesday night October 4th, 2016, the vice-presidential candidates, Senator Tim Kaine and Gov. Mike Pence, held their only debate of the 2016 presidential campaign. The debate was moderated by Elaine Quijano of CBS. As usual, there are many varying opinions of who won the debate. Below is the Reverse Speech analysis of the entire debate. Not many speech reversals were found and this is due to the nature of Reverse Speech. Repetitious well practiced speech and answers will produce very few speech reversals whereas conversely, free flowing spontaneous speech will produce many speech reversals. From the analysis it is clear that the candidates answers and responses were well practiced.


Vice Presidential Candidate Senator Tim Kaine

Senator Tim Kaine


Senator Kaine – “..second thing is we invest in our workforce from pre-K education to great teachers, [to debt free college] and tuition free college for families that make less than $125,000 dollars a year.” – The lark, you fed it.


Senator Kaine – “We’re going to stand up against efforts to privatize social security and will look for ways to keep it [solvent going forward] focusing primarily on the payroll tax account.” – Don’t know the loss.


Senator Kaine – “We will focus on and, and, ah, Hillary Clinton has rolled out a really comprehensive mental health reform package [that she worked on] with law enforcement professionals…” – I go with shit.


Senator Kaine – “..I have said to Governor Pence I can’t imagine how you can defend your running mates position on one issue after the next. And in all [six cases he’s refused to defend his running mates]…” – Can renounce Methodist grief through Jesus sex.


Vice Presidential Candidate Governor Mike Pence

Governor Mike Pence


Governor Pence – “..Ukraine or now their heavy handed approach. You, you were heavy handed approach. But [the mitts in the ????] Elaine, thank you. Thank God, thank you. Thank you Senator also.” – Face enemies sin.


Governor Pence – “You know my uncle was a cop, a career cop uh, on the beat in downtown Chicago. He was [my hero when I] was growing up and we’d go up to visit my Dad’s family in Chicago…” – Gonna worry him.


Governor Pence – “I mean I, we, we morn with those who morn we, we grieve with those who grieve, we’re saddened [at the loss of life], but, but Hillary Clinton actually referred to that moment as an example of implicit bias in the police force…” – Foul the Soul with it.


Governor Pence – “..that we, we’re going to reform the immigration system that we have where people can come into this country. (Kaine) I just have to correct Governor Pence. I, I have to (Pence) And that’s, [that’s the order] that you should do it…” – He said this.


Governor Pence – “Scott Zubowski and the sacrifices the American [soldier made were] squandered in Iraq because this administration created a vacuum in which ISIS was able to grow.” – So damn the loss.


Governor Pence – “Hillary Clinton and her husband [set up a private foundation call]ed the Clinton Foundation. While she was secretary of state the Clinton Foundation accepted 10’s of millions of dollars…” – Share knife without the Goddess.


Governor Pence – “Hillary Clinton would, that you ask the trustworthy question at the very beginning. The reason the American people [don’t trust Hillary Clinton] is because they’re looking at the pay to play politics that she operated with the Clinton Foundation…” – Milk Hillary’s slush fund.


Governor Pence – “We’re going to have a stronger America. When you hear him say he wants to [make America] great again, when we do that I truly do believe the American people are going to be standing taller.” – The crime again.