2016 Second Presidential Candidate Debate

2016 Second Presidential Candidate Debate - Reverse Speech Analysis

2016 Second Presidential Candidate Debate

2016 Second Presidential Candidate Debate – This presidential debate is one for the history books for sure as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton stand off against each other for the second time. Just days before the debate, a released sex tape on Donald Trump started a firestorm of media against him. This is a mess to the American voters leaving them confused and disenchanted with the whole election process. Only the Reverse Speech analysis can let us in on what is really going on and give us some clear guidance and understanding.



Hillary Clinton Second Presidential Debate - Reverse Speech Analysis

Hillary Clinton

Hillary – “Hello, [hello. Hello].” – Wolf, wolf.


Hillary – “[Well, thank you. Are] you a teacher?” – Are we careful?


Hillary – “..if we overcome the divisiveness that sometimes sets Americans against one another, and instead [we make some] big goals — and I’ve set forth some big goals, getting the economy to work for everyone,…” – Must scam you.


Hillary – “I want to be the president for all Americans, regardless of your political beliefs, where you come from, [what you look like, your religion]. I want us to heal our country and bring it together…” – This Hillary gal foolish.


Hillary – “You know, with prior Republican nominees for president, I disagreed with them on politics, policies, principles, but I never [questioned their fitness to serve].” – First, it sent the friendly shock.


Hillary – “These are very important values to me, because this is the America that I know and love. And I can pledge to you tonight that this is the America that I will serve if I’m [so fortunate enough] to become your president.” – Find the show force.


Hillary – “..you can be on that policy until the age of 26, something that didn’t happen before. So I want very much [to save what works] and is good about the Affordable Care Act.” – Screw don’t mess it.


Hillary – “Well, thank you for asking [your question. And I’ve heard this question] from a lot of Muslim-Americans across our country, because, unfortunately, there’s been a lot of very divisive, dark things said about Muslims.” – The shocks are dirt down in the topic.


Hillary – “I want to say just a couple of things. First, we’ve had Muslims in America since George Washington. And we’ve had many successful Muslims. We just lost a particular well-known one [with Muhammad Ali].” – Feel Adam, I hump them.


Hillary – ” I intend to defeat ISIS, to do so in a coalition with majority Muslim nations. Right now, [a lot of those nations] are hearing what Donald says and wondering, why should we cooperate with the Americans? ” – Can’t serve with Allah.


Hillary – “..first of all, I will not let [anyone] into our country that I think poses a risk to us.” – Now win it.


Hillary – “..to make sure that women had a decent [chance to have] a better life…” – I had smashed.


Hillary – “And as president, I will take that work, that bipartisan work, that finding common ground, because you have to be able to get a[long with people to get things done in Washington]. (Cooper) Thank you, secretary. (Clinton) I’ve proven that I can,…” – Let me show the nice sniff, figured it will beat them all.


Hillary – “And I know there’s a lot of concern about that in some circles, but I think [they should have the equipment they need] so that Kurdish and Arab fighters on the ground are the principal way that we take Raqqa after pushing ISIS out of Iraq.” – He let them help my by(buy) the ship.


Hillary – “So I have a deep devotion, to use your absolutely correct word, to making sure that an every American feels like [he or she has a place] in our country.” – Yelp, was that his shriek?


Hillary – “..not just women, but all Americans, all kinds of Americans. And what he has said about African-Americans and Latinos, about [Muslims], about POWs,…” – There’s no film.


Hillary – “..trying to get it off of the personal and put it on to what it is I want to do as president. And that’s why I hope people will check [on that for themselves so that they can see] that, yes, I’ve spent 30 years, actually maybe a little more, working to help…” – Hiss I get with this force with a fan.



Donald Trump Second Presidential Debate - Reverse Speech Analysis

Donald Trump

Donald – “This is a great country. This is a great [land. I’ve got]ten to know the people of the country over the last year-and-a-half that I’ve been doing this as a politician.” – I got nailed.


Donald – “(Raddatx) You’re going to have — you’re going to get to respond right now. (Trump) Sounds fair, [no it sounds fair].” – That’s nice.


Donald – “So you really owe him an apology. You’re the one that [sent the pictures a]round your campaign, sent the pictures around with President Obama in a certain garb.” – It was a stupid mess.


Donald – “And I’ve gotten to see some of the most vicious commercials I’ve ever seen of [Michelle Obama talking] about you, Hillary. So, you talk about friend? Go back and take a look at those commercials, a race where you lost…” – And they caught the mob blushing.


Donald – “..and just see what they say about Bernie Sanders and see what Deborah Wasserman Schultz had in mind, because Bernie Sanders, between super-delegates and [Deborah Wasserman Schultz, he] never had a chance. And I was so surprised to see him sign on with the devil.” – He’s sloshed in the Soul of badness.


Donald – “..and I hate to say it. [But if I win], I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation, because there has never been so many lies, so much deception.” – They’ll rough it up.


Donald – “I’d like to know, Anderson, why aren’t you bringing up the e-mails? I’d like to know. Why aren’t you bringing… (Cooper) We brought up the e-mails. (Trump) No, [it hasn’t]. It hasn’t. And it hasn’t been finished at all.” – Is that it?


Donald – “It is such a great question and it’s maybe the question I get almost more than anything else, [outside of defen]se. Obamacare is a disaster. You know it. We all know it.” – Effort with her slut.


Donald – “It’s catastrophic in certain ways. But she wants to go to single payer, which means the government basically rules everything. Hillary Clint[on has been after this] for years. Obamacare was the first step. Obamacare is a total disaster.” – See the fan of Satan.


Donald – “Number two, Bernie Sanders said that Hillary Clinton has very bad judgment. This is a perfect example of it, trying to save [Obamacare, whi]ch is a disaster.” – You wake a mob.


Donald – “but whether we like it or not, there is a problem. And we have to be sure [that Muslims come] in and report when they see something going on. ” – Makes Muslims dead.


Donald – ““radical Islamic terrorism.” Now, to solve a problem, you have to be able to state what the problem is or at least say the name. [She won’t say] the name and President Obama won’t say the name.” – There’s no wish.


Donald – “And Hillary Clinton, when she was secretary of state, said that’s OK, [we can’t force it in]to their country. Let me tell you, I’m going to force them right back into their country. They’re murderers and some very bad people.” – May the self thank you.


Donald – “But as far as [other elements of what she was saying], I don’t know Putin. I think it would be great if we got along with Russia because we could fight ISIS together, as an example. But I don’t know Putin.” – Yes I wish Elvis can blow it up.


Donald – ” the vacuum they’ve left, that’s why ISIS formed in the first place. They started from that little area, [and now they’re in 32] different nations, Hillary. Congratulations. Great job.” – Wished the Earth Nirvana.


Donald – “(Raddatz) .. Psychological warfare. (Trump) I can’t think of any. I can’t think of any. And I’m pretty good at it. (Raddatz) It might be to help get civilians out. (Trump) And we have General Flynn. And [we have, look], I have 200 generals and admirals who endorsed me.” – Helped by you.


Donald – ” I have 21 Congressional Medal of Honor recipients who endorsed me. We talk about it all the time. They understand, why can’t they do something [secretively],…” – He’ll let her kiss.


Donald – ” We lost our jobs. We lost our money. We lost our plants. It is a disaster. And [now she wants to sign T]PP, even though she says now she’s for it. She called it the gold standard.” – Beat ISIS now we shine.


Donald – “I’m looking for judges — [and I’ve actually] picked 20 of them” – You’ll share venom.


Donald – “Also, the Second Amendment, which is totally under siege by people like Hillary Clinton. [They’ll respect the] Second Amendment and what it stands for, what it represents.” – It helps you win.


Donald – “..by the time it’s finished, I’ll have more than $100 million invested. Pretty much self-funding money. [We’re raising money] for the Republican Party, and we’re doing tremendously on the small donations, $61 average or so.” – We numb his hero.


Donald – “(Question) What steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs, while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job loss for fossil power plant workers? (Cooper) [Mr. Trump, two minutes? (Trump) Absol]utely. I think it’s such a great question, because” – I span this market. – this is a Link Reverasls – the first half occurs on Trump while the second half is from Cooper


Donald – “I will say this about Hillary. She doesn’t quit. She doesn’t give up. [I respect that]. I tell it like it is. She’s a fighter.” – That helps you out.



Moderators Second Presidential Debate - Anderson Cooper & Martha Raddatz - Reverse Speech Analysis

Moderators – Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper


Moderator Raddatz – “This tape is generating intense interest. In just 48 hours, it’s become the single most talked about story of the entire 2016 election on Facebook, with millions and millions [of people discussing it] on the social network.” – Bring his sex and we’ll beat this.


Moderator Raddatz – “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can fi[gure out what the hell] is going on. We have no choice. We have no choice.” – I had the worry.


Moderator Raddatz – “(Trump) And you voted for it. And you shouldn’t have. Well, I just want to say… (Raddatz) There’s been lots of [fact-checking on that]. I’d like to move on to an online question… (Trump) Excuse me. She just went about 25 seconds over her…” – My money cashed out.


Moderator Cooper – “..Mr. Trump, I want to give you the chance to respond. I just wanted to tell our viewers what she’s referring to. In the last month, taxes were the number-one issue on [Facebook for the first time in the camp]aign. The New York Times published three pages of your 1995 tax returns. They…” – Making our surf for the folks here.


Moderator Raddatz – “Mr. Trump, Mr. Trump, [your two minutes is up]. (Trump) And one thing I have to say. (Raddatz) Your two minutes is up. (Trump) I don’t like Assad at all,…” – I can send a mystery.


Moderator – “If you were president… (Laughter) … what would you do about Syria and the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo? And I want to remind you what your [running mate said].” – They scam, you know.