2016 Presidential Candidate Debate – Trump vs. Clinton

2016 Presidential Candidate Debate - Trump vs. Clinton First Presidential Debate

2016 Presidential Candidate Debate – Trump vs. Clinton

This is the first 2016 Presidential Candidate Debate of Trump vs. Clinton. These reversals that have been found tell us a few things about the candidates but you have to understand that the answers and speeches that were given were well practiced answers and responses. So, perhaps the reversals are a bit disappointing and lacking any stunning information due to nature of Reverse Speech and practiced speech tends to deliver a lot less information than spontaneous free flowing speech. We expect to find more reversals as the initial analysis was quickly done but we have more people going over the debate in much finer detail now.


Hillary Clinton’s Reversals


Hillary – “Finally [we tonight] are on the stage together, Donald Trump and I, ah Donald, it is good to be with you.” – Be honest you.


Hillary – “Well Donald I know you [live in your own reality] but that is not the facts.” – Hear the lie, worrying to Bill.


Hillary – “..and I think that probably he’s ah, not all that enthusiastic about having the rest of our country see ah, what the real reasons are, because it must be something really important even [terrible that he’s trying to] hide…” – I now see little breast.


Hillary – “And maybe [because you haven’t] paid any federal income tax for a lot of years.” – You’re very shocking.


Hillary – “We need to have more second [chance program]s. I’m glad that were ending private prisons in the federal system…” – My wolf smashed.


Hillary – “..to help us deal with implicit bias by retraining [a lot of our police off]icers. I met with a group of very distinguished experienced police chiefs a few weeks ago…” – I’ll seal the scrub at Allah.


Hillary – “Clearly as Donald just admitted he knew he was going to stand on this debate stage and Lester Holt was going to be asking us questions so he tried to put the whole racist birther lie to bed. But [it can’t be dismissed that easily]…” – You’ll see that sense so you fake it.


Hillary – “..and he called this woman Miss Piggy. Then he called her Miss Housekeeping [because she was] Latina.” – So he’s shocking.


Hillary – “..with American interest and security to be given any oppor[tunities at all].” – All that’s needed.


Hillary – “Let me start by saying, words matter. Words matter when you run for president, and they real[ly mat]ter when you are president…” – I’m ill.


Hillary – “[Let me start by] saying, words matter. Words matter when you run for president, and they real[ly mat]ter when you are president…” – Now cross evil.


Hillary – “..but this is a man who has called women pigs, slobs, and dogs. [And, someone] who has said pregnancy is an inconvenience to employers ” – Now must lie.


Hillary – “As soon as he travels to 112 countries and negotiates a peace [deal, a cease] fire, a release of dissidents, an opening of new ah, opportunities in nations around the world or even spends 11 hours testifying…” – Sees the lie.


Hillary – “He has really started his political activity based on this racist lie that our first [black president] was not an American citizen.” – They deserve hell.



Donald Trump’s Reversals


Donald – “As far as child care is concerned and so many other things I think Hillary and I agree on uh, we probably disagree a little bit as to uh, numbe[rs and amounts and what we’re going to] do but perhpas we’ll be talking about that later.” – Inaugural on this slime in us.


Donald – “..in all fairness to uh, Secretary Clinton, [yes? Is that OK], good. I want you to be very happy, it’s very important to me.” – Yeah Goddess sing.


Donald – “See, you’re telling the enemy everything you want to do. [No wonder you’ve been] fighting, no wonder you’ve been fighting ISIS your entire adult life.” – Agree you’re no one.


Donald – “..it’s probably 5 trillion dollars that we can’t bring into our country, Lester and with a little leadership you’d get it in here very quickly and it could be put to use on the inner cities and [lots of other things] and it would be beautiful but we have no leadership…” – Sniff the lovers Soul.


Donald – “..your staff, taking the fifth amendment, taking the fifth, so they’re not prosecuted. When you have the man that [set up the illegal] server taking the fifth…” – Would you leave Goddess?


Donald – “..but it’s not 650 it’s much less than that. But I could give you a list of [banks I would], if that would help you…” – You are scared.


Donald – “..it’s an unbelievable company but, on occasion four times, we used certain [laws that are] there…” – God had a Soul.


Donald – “..because the people that are most affected by what’s happening are [African-Americans] and Hispanic people and it’s very unfair to them…” – The crime will make you fat.


Donald – “You were the one that brought up the word super-predator about young black youth and that’s a term that I think was a ah, [it’s horr, it’s been horribly met] as you know I think you’ve apologized for it but I think it was a terrible thing to say…” – Damn you Barack, it’s rust.


Donald – “[In New York city], stop and frisk, we had 2200 murders and stop and frisk brought it down to 500 murders…” – Here they’re screened.


Donald – “Uh, [you’re wrong, you’re wrong], murders are up. Alright, you check it” – Worry, worry.


Donald – “..CNN the last week, the interview with your [former camp]aign manager and she was involved but just like she can’t bring back jobs, she can’t produce.” – Make a wolf.


Donald – “..when you talk about healing, I think that I’ve [developed very very] good relationships over the last little while with the African-American community, I think you can see that.” – You rave, you rave beloved.


Donald – “..the Secretary said, very strongly about working with, we’ve been working with them for many years. And we have the greatest mess anyone’s ever [seen, you look at the Middle East it’s] a total mess under your direction to a large extent.” – They sealed them but they’re killing this.


Donald – “I was [against the war], wait a minute, I was against the war in Iraq, just so you put it out.” – Go with snake.


Donald – “Well I have much better judgement [than she does]. There’s no question about that. I also have a much better temperament than she has, you know, I have a much better…” – Say this shit.


Donald – “The A of FCLIO the other day, behind the blue screen, I don’t know who you were talking to Secretary Clinton, but you was [totally out of] control. I said there’s a person with a temperament that’s got a problem.” – Today you lost.


Donald – “I agree with her on one thing, [the single] greatest problem the world has is nuclear armament, nuclear weapons.” – We’ll miss it.


Donald – “..ended up becoming citizens. And it was 800 and now it turns out it might be 1800 and they don’t even know. Look here’s the story, I want to make America great again. I’m going to [be able to do it], I don’t believe Hillary will. The answer is that if she wins I will absolutely support her.” – Do it little babe.


Donald – “..to Hillary, to her family, and I said to myself, I can’t do it, I just can’t do it. It’s inappropriate it’s not nice but, she spent 100’s of millions of dollars on negative ads on me, many of which are absolutely untrue, they’re untrue and misrepresentations and I will tell you this Les… ” – Heal my throat.


Donald – “..but [they should be pay]ing us.” – I give a shit.


Donald – “Le[ster, one thing I] would like to say…” – I had my wish.


Donald – “..20 trillion dollars. We cannot do it [any longer] Lester. (Moderator) Back to the question though, how do you bring back, specifically bring back jobs, American manufacturers, how do you make them bring the jobs back? (Donald) Well the first thing you do is don’t let the jobs leave.” – I’m all in it.


Donald – “..and go to her website and read all about how to defeat ISIS which she could of defeated by never hav[ing it] you know, get going in the first place.” – Dang it.


Donald – “You have to be able to negotiate, that’s right, with Japan, with [Saudi Arabia]…” – They buried us.


Donald – “..could also be China. Could also be lots of other people , it also could be somebody sitting on [their bed that weighs] 400 pounds, OK. You don’t know who broke in to DNC but what did we learn with DNC…” – See all the dead men.


Donald – “Their, they have a much newer ca[pability] than we do, we have not been ah, updating from the new standpoint I look the other night I was seeing B-52’s there…” – They deliver.


Donald – “..[number 2 I said] very strongly, NATO could be obsolete because and I was very strong on this and it was actually covered very accurately in the New York Times, which is unusual for the New York Times to be honest but I said they do not focus on terror…” – There’s that wisdom.



Moderator – Lester Holt


Lester Holt – Moderator – “Let me get you to [pause right there] cause we are going to move into, we are going to move into the next segment and we’re going to talk facts…” – He goes off.


Lester Holt – Moderator – “Let me just admonish the audience one more time, there was an agreement [we did ask you to be si]lent so it would be helpful for us, Secretary Clinton.” – I see what excited you.


Lester Holt – Moderator – “One of you will not win [this election so my fi]nal question to you tonight are you willing to accept the outcome as the will of the voters, Secretary Clinton.” – I found us in the shallow sin.


Lester Holt – Moderator – “..Clin[ton you have two minutes].” – Enemies bang.