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Your personal invitation to experience the effortless wonder of Reverse Speech sessions…

With ONLY 8 Private Sessions You Can
Experience a Lasting, Life-Changing


Smash Unconscious Barriers…
Uncover and Erase Deep-Seated Negative Beliefs…


… and Rewrite the Programs Running on Autopilot in Your Mind, so
YOU Can Live the Life You Desire!

For over 30-years I’ve researched and practiced Reverse Speech and Metaphor Restructuring, helping 1,000’s of people, from all walks of life break-free from the outdated unconscious programming that currently controls their lives, dictate their actions and hold them back from living the life they desire.

“In Four Months Time I Completely Transformed A Situation I Had
Been Working On For 20 Years!”

I had a very bizarre pattern in my life that continually sabotaged my efforts to improve. Whenever I told anyone about it, they thought I was making it up. With Reverse Speech I was able to see exactly what was going on and why it was going on. In four months time I completely transformed a situation I had been working on for 20 years.


“My Business Now Turns Over 100K A Month, I Own An Aeroplane I Paid Cash For!”

“I needed help with finances and couldn’t seem to get it together with money. If you took all my cash assets and business liabilities, there was a major shortfall. I was surviving very basically on business turnover. David and I did some reversals and trance work. Six months later, I have reduced that shortfall by 75%, my business now turns over 100K a month, I own an aeroplane I paid cash for, I have had two great holidays and am off to America in November. I now buy good clothes, food and goods and live really well. It is impossible to reverse time and try all this without David’s help. However, if I could I am sure things would not be quite as abundant! Sometime soon, I would like to consider some more reversals.”



Solve or Resolve ANY Situation…

Reverse Speech sessions are extremely effective in the treatment of all number of issues both physical and mental, including:

  • Healing long-term illnesses
  • Resolving bitter relationship feuds
  • Reconnecting with family members
  • Providing immense clarity over your true purpose or simply important decisions
  • Manifesting new career opportunities and attracting money
  • Identifying the reasons behind lack of progress in work, money, health and relationships
  • Providing guidance and instruction to solve or resolve any situation
  • Plus, much, much more!

The Reverse Speech Private Session process is like no other form of Personal Development you may have experienced, consistently proving more accurate than TLT and EFT, and always delivering quicker, longer lasting results than NLP and Hypnosis, all with ZERO effort!

“I Firmly Believe That Anyone Who Doesn’t Use This Tool Will Be At A Great
Disadvantage In The Twenty-First Century”

Wow! What a discovery! Reverse Speech will completely change life… make that reverse life…as we know it. It allows no skirting of issues, no denial, no escape from reality. Reversals go straight to the core. It exposes our hidden unconscious programs, personality quirks and behaviour patterns. It snaps us out of oblivion, finally giving us a choice of action again. In my opinion, there is no tool in existence that comes close to the perceptiveness or efficacy of Reverse Speech. David John Oates is a genius of our time. He has revealed the essence of individual and collective human nature. Anyone who chooses to use this tool when deciding on a business partner, employee or a course of action will have the winning edge. It is the ultimate Truth Detector. And if the world is ready for it, Reverse Speech will be used by the leaders and innovators in every field from psychology to medicine, business to law enforcement, athletics to the stage within the next few years. I firmly believe that anyone who doesn’t use this tool will be at a great disadvantage in the twenty-first century.



For the First Time in Over 5-Years…
I’m Opening Up My Private Session
Work Calendar to YOU!

This is YOUR opportunity to work directly with me, as for a limited time and to ensure the continued awareness of the power and effectiveness of Reverse Speech and Metaphor Restructuring, I am, publicly accepting applications for Private Session work…

My Private Sessions provide in-depth analysis of ANY situation you might want to address:

Many of my clients, although already living pretty amazing lives – use Reverse Speech sessions to ensure they maintain a competitive edge over those around them, stay connected to those that love them and remain in tune with their bodies

… others have hidden blocks they wish to remove and potential they want to unleash


What Do YOU Want to Work On?

You can choose to work on ANY topic you desire, although I recommend we focus on a maximum of two, you’ll often find other issues are resolved as a by product of the work carried out on the topics of choice.

Private Sessions consist of 8 one-on-one phone calls with me personally…

  1. 30-minute call – discuss the topics you wish to address
  2. 15-20 minute call – discover the instances of Reverse Speech discovered
  3. 30-minute call – we’ll discuss the reasons for and solutions to any negative reversals
  4. 15-20 minute call – Metawalk 1
  5. 15-20 minute call – Metawalk 2
  6. 30-minute call – discuss any changes that have occurred in relation to call 1
  7. 30-minute call – discover the instances of Reverse Speech discovered in call 6
  8. 15-20 minute call – Final Metawalk
How soon will you see results?

By the 6th session, most clients have begun to notice the first signs of changes. This is often experienced as a feeling of confidence or being grounded. Many clients will have begun to notice synchronicities in their lives, or those meaningful “coincidences”.

The changes then continue to grow and expand over the next few weeks and months.

What Are You Waiting For…
… to Book Your Private Sessions and Experience
Effortless, Lasting Results In YOUR Life…


Telephone: 503 568-7077


All sessions can be conducted over the telephone. Credit cards are accepted and payment plans can be arranged on request. Call for current prices.

To hear Reversals specific to Reverse Speech Therapy and obtain more information visit the Reverse Speech Metaphors and Session Work page.

Call the Reverse Speech offices to arrange your appointment or email:

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