Performing Metawalk Three Practitioner Course Essay

Performing Metawalk Three Practitioner Course Essay

Performing Metawalk Three Practitioner Course Essay

By Debbie Fitzgerald

Performing Metawalk Three Practitioner Course Essay – A full round of Reverse Speech Session Work consists of eight sessions over eight weeks. The final session, week eight is when Metawalk Three is conducted with a client. This Metawalk is done to solidify the positives changes that have been created throughout the weekly sessions and is mapped out from the reversals found in the Post-walk recording session.

I have completed a full round of Session Work with my client Margaret whose intention with this session work was to be successful in her business and to remove any blocks and behavioural patterns that were hindering her from having success and financial freedom in her business. She also wanted to attract the right clients to her after having a quite an arduous time with the wrong type of clients coming to her over many years now.

Marg has felt pretty great since the first Metawalk and this has continued on following her second Metawalk. She has definitely had changes occur and she has had more confidence, felt more grounded and has felt much more calm, settled and at peace with everything in her business.

I performed the Post-Walk recording on Marg and the reversals showed she’d definitely had had some changes occur but the reversals also showed there were further issues that needed to be worked on.

Marg’s Post-walk recording fell into the scenario of –

yielding reversals that show changes have taken place for the original reasons in doing
session work, however a whole other layer of dysfunctional metaphors
have also appeared.

The reversals showing positive change were –

now surf – surf, life energy, movement, the process of moving through life. Congruent with forwards dialogue, felt there were changes with the Metawalk one, now has movement and moving through life and continuing to do so. Positive reversal.

the way, us okay – a positive reversal, the way she is currently approaching changes and is taking steps towards healing. Confirmation of forwards is positive. us, the many parts of the psyche will be okay.

yeah within us life – another positive reversal, reclaiming life again, life is within her being, her us, all parts of the psyche. A congruency is occurring as changes are being made, again as per forwards dialogue.

the sky cannot nick – sky, to be free, to look beyond. Nick, to take away, steal. In reference to forwards dialogue that she now feels relaxed and worry free since doing the Metawalk’s, this feeling and the freedom it gives cannot be taken away. A positive reversal that a great change has occurred.


so we health – talking of her wolf in Metawalk one, in forwards dialogue. Wolf metaphor is healthy as seen in a future reversal. Also could tie in with previous two reversals although this is a reversal that starts the next cluster. It is a cluster of two and includes the next reversal, still on.

still on – confirmation that wolf metaphor is still healthy and will be ongoing. A positive reversal that indicates that change has occurred.

wolf happy – a positive reversal showing there has been change with the wolf metaphor that was dysfunctional in first session recording and also pre-walk recording.

there’s now Luke status – Luke, light giving (greek meaning), the beloved physician (bible), status, relative social or professional position; standing. There is now a new status within the client’s being.

me love you – talking of wolf in forwards dialogue, a positive reversal showing there has been change with the wolf metaphor that was dysfunctional in first session recording and also pre-walk recording.

I nearly fine – continuing on from the forwards dialogue, feeling that client is nearly fine. Making progress on her healing journey.

The reversals which showed further issues had arisen and showed dysfunctional metaphors were –

I am a shasu – shasu, means to wander. Wander metaphor, to roam aimlessly, explore with no plan, to look and see. Client displaying this behaviour, taking each day as it comes. This meaning of this reversal is also evident in the client’s post-walk reversals, showing they are all over the place.

fears not fierce – maybe some fear still there but it is not as strong as previously as worked on this in Metawalk two.

more fear – here is evidence of more fear, the fear relating to being free and living life to the full without restriction as per forward dialogue.

he whirl with the pus – confirmation of the forwards dialogue – Yes daddy’s pus was taken away with the whirlwind collapse image. Or is it an instruction for Metawalk three?? Would you take it as an instruction to cover this metaphor – pus completely?

without Earl – not feeling successful, grand or great. Incongruent with forwards that said her business was ready to sour to new heights


why fuck all is – fuck, hurt, harm. From forwards dialogue, feeling hurt and having been harmed.

sin, the zoo – sin, personal shortcoming, fall short of expectations, achieving less than capable of achieving. zoo, chaos, personal or organizational system in chaos. Unable to achieve at a high level due to being disorganized and/or personally in a chaotic state.

hear their war, Rocelin – classic Rocelin behaviour – a succession of relationships that go sour, war is with someone or something else in her life. Displaying delusions of grandeur .Negative energy draining and destructive behaviour. (taken from your interpretation David)

heart-ache is – taken literally, heart is aching, feeling strong emotions.

I need a whirl of sham – sham, bogus; false. whirl, interacting in the physical world. Either instruction for metawalk and/or needing to have a false physical world energetically as it may be serving her.

my hearts still mad – still feeling emotions, still feeling mad and angry emotionally.

all wooden – wood, fuels the fire and fuels the emotions. This seems to be related to the heart as previous reversal directly before this one and in the same cluster. Definitely being fuelled by her emotions, anger and feeling of being mad fuelling actions and behaviour.

I’m the baby’s muck – baby, part of the psyche that is still the baby. muck, bad habits, mess to clean up, shit, negative emotional garbage. Client has mess and bad habits, negative emotional garbage that have been there since a baby through experiences, parental influences and ii is ingrained into the psyche.

no more scams and the foul – scam, a dishonest scheme, a fraud, swindle. foul, severely unpleasant, dysfunctional. Instruction for changing unpleasant experiences and dishonesty from client’s life on her behalf and others allowing her to stay on task as per forwards dialogue.

I have a sick Earl – Earl, success is hindered as dysfunctional Earl metaphor. Incongruent reversal. Especially in reference to the boy foul, younger male aspect dysfunctional within self.

I bunk in a reef – reef, an obstacle in life’s journey, sabotage patterns, to be stuck. bunk, to sleep in a “bunk bed”, bunk down in. Getting caught in the obstacles of life and sabotage patterns.


Ordinarily, when there has been some change shown in the reversals from the Post-walk recording and then a whole other layer of dysfunctional metaphors also appear the way to proceed in these situations is starting again with an entirely new round of session work. The Post-Walk session is then used as the First Session of the new round, the reversals from the Post-walk session are still given to the client as the results one session. Then session work will continue with the next session being the Pre-Walk recording session and so forth.

Due to the fact that Marg was running a Rocelin metaphor and this is really the most destructive and nastiest metaphors a person can have in Reverse Speech, it was extremely important to address this metaphor of Rocelin. So we went ahead and performed Metawalk three.

Metawalk three is mapped out working in accordance with the metaphor map. We also had the assistance from David in class with this Metawalk. When writing the Metawalk the reversals are grouped into the order of the journey to be undertaken in the Metawalk.

Starting at the beach
there’s now Luke status
now surf
fish had assist
hail ships
I bunk in a reef

Then to the meadow
wolf happy
hear their war, rocelin
without Earl
I have a sick Earl
we know what healthy
me love you
the wish I cherish

Then to the desert
he whirl with the pus
I need a whirl of sham
more fear
I’m the baby’s muck
has he ever scam
no more scams and the foul

The reversals here in the desert could be sorted out with the whirlwind when reaching the desert on the journey but as we are accessing the whirlwind metaphor known as the Two Whirlwinds in the Garden of Eden we are going to deal with these negative reversals altogether in the whirlwind there so I have moved them to the Garden of Eden group.


Then the Garden of Eden
heart-ache is
my hearts still mad,
all wooden
he whirl with the pus
I need a whirl of sham
more fear
I’m the baby’s muck
has he ever scam
no more scams and the foul


Metawalk Three was written using the above reversal Metawalk instructions and Metawalk images and is as follows –

Starting with the Standard Induction Script One ………. followed by…

I’m now going to give you a series of images…. that will allow the conscious mind… the opportunity to… begin.. to shift… and alter…. As you see these images… so too… do we access… the structures.. of the deep… unconscious mind. As the pictures change.. so too… do the structures… of the unconscious mind change… and this allows.. corresponding change.. in.. the.. physical.. world… in which.. you.. live….
….and to begin this process today Marg, — I would like you to imagine the image of you standing on the shores of a beautiful beach. It is a beautiful sunny day. The sun is warming your face and there is a gentle sea breeze. The surf is crashing on the shore. You look out to sea and there ahead in the ocean you see the wreckage of your ship off the reef. That was your current situation. The ship is wrecked on the reef. Now though you are standing safely on the shore.

You then see Luke walking towards you, he is one of Jesus’s disciples , he is light giving, the beloved physician and healer. Luke takes your hand and takes you along the beach to a path up ahead. This is the way to the meadow, you walk along the path with Luke and as you enter the meadow you see a war raging in the meadow just ahead of you. Beyond the war you see the castle of Camelot and as we access this metaphor now the unconscious mind continues to shift and alter … each breath that you take, — each sound that I make — allowing you to sink deeper — and deeper — and even deeper still into trance…..

Your happy wolf runs up to greet you. And as the war is raging in front of Camelot, you, Luke and your wolf walk around the war and up to the gates of Camelot. Before going through the gates of Camelot you have an important task to perform., leaving Luke at the gates of Camelot to wait for you, and with your wolf by your side you begin to walk around to the back of Camelot where there is a forest which lies behind Camelot…


You walk into the forest with your wolf by your side. As you walk through the forest you come across a clearing and you see Merlin the magician is tied to a pole in the middle of the clearing. There is a dark fairy running around and around Merlin seducing him and robbing him of his magic. Your wolf runs and chases the dark fairy away, out of the forest. You go and untie Merlin and free him from the pole. Your wolf now comes running back to you and you, Merlin and your wolf walk out of the forest, back to the gates of Camelot. You open the gates of Camelot and walk into the castle. Once you walk into the castle the war outside completely stops all by itself.

Once you’re in the castle of Camelot with Luke, Merlin and your wolf you see a sick Earl. You take him to a bed and soothe him. You know what’s healthy so you now heal the Earl with your healing abilities, using your magic to fix the earl. You then cherish him and love him, embracing him. The earl is now completely healed. You all go out the castle to the meadow Luke, Merlin, the earl and your wolf where you walk to the Garden of Eden. It is beautiful, full of wonder and beauty… you can smell the flowers and see vibrant green trees, and hear the birds singing, and see the rolling meadows and fields.

Your wolf runs off to play. Luke, Merlin and the Earl enjoy a walk through the Garden of Eden. You walk to the sparkling beautiful waterfall that feeds the River of Life that flows through the centre of the Garden of Eden. You now walk up to the top off the waterfall. There are branches, bits of wood, some rubbish blocking the flow of the waterfall. Clear them all away until there is nothing blocking the waterfall’s flow and you see it flowing beautifully now into the river of life.

You walk back down from the waterfall into the centre of the Garden of Eden…… now I want you to visualize there are two Whirlwinds spinning in front of you.

The Whirlwind on the left represents the old pattern that existed before we began our work together. Look at the left whirlwind you see there is still pus, muck, scams and shams and any remnants of fear in it. It is foul and it smells unpleasant. The Whirlwind on the right represents the new pattern that has been created. Look at the left Whirlwind. Imagine the left Whirlwind spinning slower and slower and, at the same time, is shrinking in size. Meanwhile, you see the Whirlwind on the right increasing in size, getting larger and larger. Finally you now see that the left Whirlwind is so small that it is collapsing into nothing and is now completely blown away by the wind.

……. now walk up and stand in front of the right whirlwind, as you stand there I want you to cup your hands and raise them towards the sun … you are now going to imagine that you are collecting a ball of light in the palms of your cupped hands, as you collect the energy and life force of the sun so too does the unconscious mind open this area of light that resides in the deep self, allowing its energy and power to be transferred to all parts of consciousness.


And now, carefully cradling the ball of light in your hand, I want you to walk into the right whirlwind itself … you will find that you can walk into the twirling winds with perfect ease, through its powerful currents right into centre of the whirlwind where it is still and calm …. Now I want you release the ball of light out of your hands … it rises into the air and fills the whirlwind with its power and light … watch this light as it travels higher and higher in the wind, filling it completely with its light, so that the entire whirlwind glows and shines … feel its power for a few minutes……and now, I want you to imagine that the whirlwind begins to spin around you faster and faster and as it spins you begin to merge into the whirlwind, becoming one with the whirlwind, as the unconscious mind continues to shift and alter and process all these images very powerfully and succinctly over the next few days and weeks.

Now as you and the whirlwind are one, we have to come to the end of this journey and I’m going to bring you back to full awareness very shortly now, and the unconscious mind is going to process all these images that you have seen over the next few days and weeks, and make changes accordingly, and these changes will gradually filter out from the deepest part of your being eventually affecting your conscious behaviour and manifesting in your physical world…..

I am now going to slowly count from 1 to 5 and gradually bring you back from this relaxed state to full awareness again. On the count of one, the pictures gradually begin to fade now – and two, the unconscious mind gradually returns to where it was – and three, breathing and heart rate gradually return to normal, and four, conscious mind returns to full awareness, and five, you can gradually begin to open your eyes now and return to the room wide awake and fully refreshed.


I was pleased with the Metawalk and felt the session went well. I asked Marg how she went with the Metawalk and particularly the rocelin imagery when we had finished. She told me this Metawalk was a lot different to the first two Metawalk’s and a lot shorter. In the rocelin imagery she loved rescuing Merlin and was surprised at its simplicity. This made her ask would it keep rocelin away permanently to which I answered yes.

She said the fairy didn’t look as scary as she had imagined and when her wolf took off and chased the fairy away she ran really quickly to Merlin and freed him. She said he was really happy to be free and when the wolf ran back to them they left the forest almost running. When Marg was healing the Earl she felt her magic was back and she laid her hands on the Earl and he healed instantly.

In the Garden of Eden Marg went to the top of the waterfall and she said when she was there was loads of wood, branches, twigs and rubbish in the waterfall that she had to clear out. It cleared nicely and the waterfall flowed much better after that which is what we were after with this imagery to heal the heartache and anger.


In the days following Metawalk Three Marg felt very lost and it seemed that something was missing. I explained to her she had lost a huge part of her, so to speak, with clearing the rocelin metaphor and she would feel a bit empty for a few days. By the end of Marg’s 6 days of listening to the Metawalk she had started to feel a little better and happy to be moving forward in her business.

I feel the session work was a success and Marg definitely felt changes in her life around her business. She was happy to allow her business to take on a new form and has felt at ease in doing this. Out of the blue she was approached by someone who wanted to work with her and have Marg as a mentor and healing coach. This has led to Marg developing her own method and modality of healing using all the tools and knowledge she has acquired over time. Since this first client approach she has offered her programme to others and has another two signed up ready to go with another one interested. Pretty brilliant stuff and this has also taken Marg from the thoughts and wondering stage of would this work, could it be done mode to developing and delivering her new healing modality helping woman reconnect with themselves, to love themselves, feel empowered and fully confident in following their purpose and passion in business and in life.

She has had thoughts of changing her business name to reflect who she is today and felt her old business name needed to go as a lot of stuff had happened to her in the business under that name, not all of it positive.

Having known Marg for over 12 years, she has a calmer disposition, seems more at peace and is following her intuition and guidance more so now than ever before. One comment she made was in week three of session work whilst she was listening to the first Metawalk journey was Reverse Speech has saved her life. Can’t get better than that!!!