Beyond Backward Masking Book

Beyond Backward Masking Book

Beyond Backward Masking Book

Beyond Backward Masking Book

Hey All,

First released 30 years ago…

Beyond Backward Masking book was the first EVER publication that explained the phenomenon of backward masking – you know, those voices you hear when you play rock and roll records in reverse.

There was a lot of controversy about this at the time and a lot of confusion and speculation as to what caused it…

It was also the first book I authored or, on this occasion, co-authored with my good friend Greg Albrecht, and I’m excited to announce that I’ve just published a new for 2017 revised version.

Take a look here now:

This is the book that uncovered a new form of human communication and postulated the theory of duality in human language – something that simply hadn’t been considered before!

In what is perhaps the most comprehensive study of its kind, this book reveals all the findings of Greg’s and myself’s extensive research.

Concluding that these until now unexplained messages are in fact an intricate and integral part of the communication process and that on the Reverse of everyone’s speech can be heard the uncensored voice of our unconscious, inner mind – a window into the soul.

In short it’s a revelation!

And right now, to celebrate the release of this new for 2017 revised edition, Greg and I are giving you the opportunity, not only to own a historic piece of research and writing, but also a very powerful, and you could say, enlightening book.

The book will start shipping March 15th.

I’m offering every one who pre-orders the book a 10% discount as well as FREE shipping to anywhere in the USA.

Pre-order now and save 10%:

If nothing else, this book will open your eyes to an entirely new way of thinking about how you communicate – it may even make you think twice before you speak!