Reverse Speech Taster Session

David John Oates - Discoverer & Founder of Reverse Speech - Reverse Speech Taster Session

Reverse Speech Taster Session – With David Oates

Hear your own Spirit talking to you with David’s Reverse Speech Taster Session. Have a short taste of your own Reverse Speech with this 5 minute recording and analysis. This is for all those who want to try out Reverse Speech but are not quite ready to leap into full session work. I offered this special 15 years ago and was flooded with requests so here it is again. A 5 minute taster session for $75. I call you, we record for 5 minutes, I then go and analyze the recording, and get back to you the next day with the reversals. Nice and simple and gives you a nice little taste of Reverse Speech. To sign up for this deal go here.