Revelations in Reverse – Analyzing the Track Record of Reverse Speech

By Clyde Lewis


Revelations in Reverse Analyzing the track record of the Reverse Speech Phenomenon. David John Oates has demonstrated time after time that Reverse Speech reveals what is deeply hidden inside the soul.

The first time Ground Zero went on the air I was playing records in reverse. I figured it was a natural for the show. I had just finished writing some of the treatment for KULT radio and since it was about messages hidden in music,I had the idea fresh in my mind. The show was on in the afternoon, on a Sunday and the disadvantage was that I was working for a Talk radio station at the time. I feared that somehow people would tune out the music and the messages but I was willing to show that there were strange messages in reverse hidden on the tracks of albums produced by bands that everyone loved. The only information I had was what I was told when I attended church. There were books and fliers sent out warning us about the secret satanic messages hidden in rock songs. I resented it. I suggested it was more or less what you interpreted it to be. I played a few and came up with a few of the following:

“Another One Bites The Dust” Queen: When played backwards you can hear Freddie Mercury say ‘It’s fun to smoke marijuana.”

“Hells Bells” AC/DC: Reverse it and you will hear “I will mesmerize you, Satan has me Prisoner.”

“Empty Spaces” Pink Floyd: “Congratulations you have just found the secret message, please send you answer to old pink care of the funny farm. However this is intentionally put in the song.

“Hotel California” The Eagles: This one my girlfriend and I knew about in high school, she was very religious, and forced me to listen to it. It clearly said “Yes Satan had help, he organized his own religion it was delicious, he puts it in a vat and fixes for his sons and gives it away.” I then heard the rumor that the song was about Anton Lavey the high priest in the Church of Satan. I didn’t make the connection.

The Beatles: Charles Manson claimed to hear messages in the White Album. Hell, listen to “Revolution #9, “Rain” and others and you will here references to a dead man. It was rumored the dead man was Paul McCartney but that is another story.

Led Zeppelin: In the song “Houses of the Holy” there is a reference to Satan. In “Stairway to Heaven” you hear “Here’s to my sweet Satan.”

“Shooby Doo” The Cars: Satan Satan Satan Satan it’s especially effective if you are high on pot. At least that’s what my friends tell me.

“Kiss, Kiss, Kiss” Yoko Ono: This was most eerie when played backwards would say “Satan’s coming Six, Six, Six”. The further it says “we shot John Lennon.”

Those were just a couple of the songs I played on my first ever Ground Zero show. It was very nostalgic in a sense, because it reminded me of my days as a young religious kid who was curious about “Demons.” Back then you could play records backwards by turning the turntable back with your finger. With CD’s it can’t be done. Someone went as far as to tell me that CD’s were the industry’s way of keeping young people from finding those messages and that they are more effective when hidden in forward speech. When I had heard this I decided that I would pull out the Mr. Ed Theme, (when played backwards it says “sing a song for Satan.”) That’s when I laughed and said it was all bull. Ground Zero had a long two years until KCNR shut down. When I was moved to KBER I decided to do the same show again, however I was going to focus on whether or not these messages would be able to influence someone to do some thing evil.

I focused on Manson and the Tate La Bianca murders and another case. The case centered on Judas Priest, and their album “Stained Class”. James Vance and Ray Belknap, were listening to the album and then after drinking and smoking pot decided that it would be cool to kill each other in a suicide pact. Belknap died, and Vance severely disfigured himself in the attempt and ended up finishing the job of killing himself three years later. Lawyers for Vance and Belknap’s parents said that the album had secret satanic messages that influenced them to act in such a manner. . They pointed out that the words “Do it” “Fuck the Lord”, could be heard when the album was played backwards. Judge Jerry Whitehead concluded that the backward phrases did exist but no evidence had been put forward to suggest that they were caused by anything other than coincidence of sound. My point was exactly that. Coincidences happen in sound, and sometimes we hear what we want to hear.

A dear friend of mine Sabrina told me about an Australian man David John Oates and how he was fascinated by these backwards messages as well. His message however intrigued me. He claimed that these reverse speech patterns happen all the time in communication. He appeared on the Art Bell show and I listened to what he had to say. My first impressions of him were that he was a curious man, and that he seemed very honest. He wasn’t some pompous religious fanatic. He sounded kind, yet when he played the reverse speech samples on the air they were eerie. He had reversed parts of O.J. Simpson as he spoke to police, and when he was interviewed. I heard the words “I killed them high, and I skinned them all.” I knew when I heard those reversals that there was something to investigate. Sabrina told me to invite him on the show. I thought to myself “Why would someone like David John Oates come on my show?” but she persisted. I e-mailed him and I told him of my fascination and he told me that he would love to come on. After his initial appearance I have been in touch with him on several occasions and he has appeared on Ground Zero many times.

When he came to Salt Lake City for a Seminar, we met at a hotel. He has a big smile and has a very warm and friendly personality. He has a great sense of humor about things, but I learned from David that he is very serious about what he is doing. While David was in Salt Lake, I was able to witness how reverse speech is exactly what David says it is. It is everything that is inside of you. A lot of people wonder if it’s David’s own interpretation of what the reversals say. I can explain that it is not.

I remember when David was in his room that he was busy doing reversals. He explained that a number of Talk show hosts in Utah wanted to have him appear on the show. He was handed a tape of some speeches made by Utah Governor Mike Leavitt and Utah Mayor Corradini. I never heard the reversals but David asked me some questions. “Clyde, why would the Governor hate Bill Clinton, and what is this land deal that I keep getting in the reversals?” I told him that Clinton screwed us over on a deal with the Escalante National Monument and that could be it. I figured that maybe he could have quickly familiarized himself with the news but the deal happened months before he came to Utah. The most interesting reversal dealt with Mayor Corradini. “Clyde, why is the mayor concerned with transportation and why does she have an image problem? ” Mayor Corradini had been involved in scandal months before David came to town. She has also been involved with improving the cities transportation system. Utah’s I-15 project was causing a lot of problems with downtown business. It was odd that David knew this. But as he states over and over again reversals tell the truth.

After David left Salt Lake something interesting happened to Mayor Corradini. A news story focused on an “image” problem and how Mayor Corradini felt she needed a makeover. Mayor Corradini had a makeover done so that she would look better. I am sure skeptics could write that off as a coincidence. But I can assure you David John Oates is no snake oil salesman. I have seen him in action, I have seen instant reversals in workshops, and if you ever want to be convinced I urge you the next time he comes around your city to attend one of his seminars. It will change your life.

World Events have put David in a very good position. A lot of his Reverse Speech research has accurately predicted the truth. The Clinton, Lewinsky Scandal and the Jon Benet Ramsey case are two that stand out. Those who have listened to Ground Zero may remember the accuracy. The reversal that stands out in my mind was the reversal that revealed that while Clinton in forward speech was denying actions of sexual misconduct, in reverse speech it revealed that he confesses to having sex with an Oregon Madam. It was then revealed that Monica Lewinsky went to College in Portland Oregon. Clinton finally confessed on National Television that he did have an inappropriate sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky. David John Oates had the reversal and was playing it to national audiences before the President confessed!

The next thing that was a major point for the argument of whether or not reverse speech is valid was a report was about the Jon Benet Ramsey Case. I was curious as to how long this case would go on and a revelation was revealed in the report. 11-year-old Burke Ramsey can be heard on a tape made of the 911 call on Dec. 26, 1996, the day his sister was found murdered. Both Burke and his parents have reportedly told investigators the boy slept through the murder of his sister as well as the first hour after police arrived to investigate. If the voice is that of Burke, it would cast doubt about the parents’ story. David had already shown us that there is plenty of reason to doubt the parent’s story. Reversals on the Ramsey parents show that they were trying to fool the public and that they are responsible for the death of their daughter.

David has played several reversals regarding this case on talk shows all over the country. Jeff Rense, Art Bell, Geraldo to name a few. Those that were on the Geraldo show became a little uneasy about what was heard. After that report I went to David’s web site and looked it over. There were so many things in both cases that were congruent with what has been revealed in the latest news. I guess you can write it off as coincidence, but look at the score card. Listen to what is there. David John Oates is on to something. There are many examples of how reverse speech has predicted or even explained what is really going on in the news in the past. Here are some remarkable examples of how reverse speech has revealed what is really happening with news stories as of late.

May 1997 CNN: Pat Ramsey, mother of Jon Benet Ramsey says in an interview; “We feel that there are at least two people on the face of the earth that know who did this (murdered their daughter) and that is the killer and someone else that person may have confided in.” The reversal clearly says “I’m that person, I’ll beat this, seen that rape. Throughout the entire interview Reversals reveal that the parents of Jon Benet are not telling the truth about their Daughter’s murder.

August 1998 CNN: A report is released stating the Ramsey’s may have been lying regarding their Daughter’s Murder. 11-year-old Burke Ramsey can be heard on a tape made of the 911 call on Dec. 26, 1996, the day his sister was found murdered. Both Burke and his parents told investigators he slept through the murder of his sister as well as the first hour after police arrived to investigate. If this is true Jon Benet’s Parents have lied.

Jon Benet Autopsy Report Released: John E. Meyer M.D. was the pathologist who conducted the autopsy. The autopsy concluded that The Cause of death was asphyxia by strangulation associated with a blow to the head. Some of the other findings were:
A. Abrasion of right cheek
B. Abrasion/contusion, posterior right shoulder
C. Abrasions of left lower back and posterior left lower leg
D. Abrasion and vascular congestion of vaginal mucosa
E. Ligature of right wrist
This would show that Jon Benet was a victim of aggravated Rape.

January Interview CNN: Jon Benet’s Father…we want to thank those people that care about us…when reversed says:
“Our rape hurt”

It will be interesting to see what finally happens in the Jon Benet case. After hearing the reversals and monitoring the news my best bet is on what David has concluded: “The father was definitely molesting Jon Benet Ramsey. There were attempts to alter the crime scene. They were both involved in the death of their daughter and both conspired to cover it up and there appears to be other unknown people involved and dad is angry at them, as well as helpless to do anything about it.”

June 1997 US Airforce Press Conference: The U.S. Airforce addresses the issue of whether or not a Flying Saucer crashed at Roswell New Mexico 50 years ago. The Airforce gives another “final word” by claiming that there was no Flying Saucer cover-up and no alien bodies. They explain that the Flying Saucers were quite possibly test probes that were flying over the Southwest and that the Alien bodies were really Dummies that were jettisoned from planes to test impact from High altitudes.

David John Oates Reversal: Roswell: United States Air Force on June 24 1997. The conference was called to release a report that would explain the controversial “Roswell” incident that occurred in 1947, where it was claimed that an alien space craft crashed and alien bodies were found. One of the reversals in the press conference deals with the showing of an Airforce Video making its claims. A Reversal reveals that the Air Force lied. The reversed phrase is simply “We faked it.”

Ground Zero Report: Roswell 50th Anniversary July 5th 1997: During an interview with the Mayor of Roswell he relates to me that The dummies were tested in 1956. The Roswell Incident was in 1947. Another inconsistency is that the probes that look like saucers that were used in the report were test Probes from 1972! While the Airforce claims that People are more or less condensing 10 years into one incident the Airforce manages to over look the fact that they are using nearly 25 years of condensed Data. They faked the report.

After the Roswell anniversary, the world was beginning to turn upside down. The death of Princess Diana was a wake up call for me to begin writing my feelings on the events of the world. I started to see trends. The powers that be were beginning to show that they couldn’t lie as well as they used to. People were getting smarter and those with heightened awareness were able to catch the dishonest by paying attention to their double-talk. After writing an unpopular Princess Diana piece basically saying that Diana was a sacrifice to fulfill some prophecy found in the bible I turned to David again for answers about The Princess and how the Royals Viewed her death. HRH Queen Elizabeth August-September 1997: Although there is no mention of a “murder conspiracy” in the reversals that were found. The first reversal says, “The fuss will serve us.” The second one says, “Sell her. Feel it now.”

August 1998 one year later: David’s reversals ring true again. Elton Johns Tribute song “Goodbye England’s Rose ” sold 31.7 million copies by October of 1997. Diana tea towels, plates, spoons, and T-shirts were being printed and sold like crazy. If you ever wanted to lick Diana, stamps were issued and sold. In March of 1998, Diana tubs of margarine were sold, Diana scratch card Lottery tickets are a marketing Bonanza. The estate of Diana turned down an idea for a Diana colonic kit. In July Tickets to go to Diana’s grave sold for $46 dollars each. The Diana charity fund paid out nearly $5million dollars. Not for Charity. The money will go to register Di’s face as a trademark. Soon Broadway will cash in on a musical called “Queen of Hearts” The Royals have sent their disgust claiming it exploits the Princess. A lot of people claim they are suffering from Diana fatigue. The rose has faded.

President Clinton, Sex Scandal, Lies, and Missiles:

While the Reverse Speech technique has shown itself to be reliable, Now is the time to see how its seeds are continuing to yield a good harvest. The past years have more or less been a theatre of some of the most bizarre events in our history. David John Oates has chronicled on his website all of the reversals and they are there for your own research. This article has given you a few places to look to find clear reversals that have made evident the validity of David’s Research. The more that I hear different stories from different sources the more I see that David’s work is factual. However he agrees that he is still researching what is happening with the reversals, and there are times that perhaps he can form an opinion that can be wrong, but David is not perfect. Science is not perfect, but as you can see, David’s track record is unbelievable! Top of the mind proof is the advent of the Clinton Sex Scandal.

In the beginnings of 1998, when the Scandal was gaining more momentum, David had reversed speeches from the secretary of state doing damage control “Damn him, This is an ugly Mess” to, Clinton denying the allegations forwards while in reverse realizing that it was just a matter of time before anyone found out. The reversals were even revealing that Clinton was a man with sex on his mind. His reversals dealt with kissing and fucking. Clinton denied all of the allegations all the time. David went on talk show after talk show demonstrating that Clinton was lying. There were also rumors of gossip, backbiting and conspiracy from Hillary Clinton. “Evil Lips Are Hammering it,” Her reversals stated that it was so. The reversals also showed that she was aware of what kind of man Bill was and was willing to stick by him.

By February the reversals were revealing that Clinton was ready to strike at Iraq, and deep down he had fears that a strike would cause American hatred. Some people already were curious about a “Wag the Dog Scenario” and so reversals like “Bring in arson”(Using firepower) “Worry” (await the outcome). “Gamble with it” (see what the world might say) ” Screw your food” (perhaps a phrase meaning the possible milk and baby food plants that were alleged covers for nerve gas factories) “Bury the law” (finding a way to avoid committing a war crime.) Let’s face it Clinton didn’t want the world to think he was an impulsive evil man who pushes the button when allegations of inappropriate behavior are nipping at his feet. He needed a diversion and a rally for patriotism. Where was the answer? According to reversals the answer was in the desert. Meaning quite possibly the Middle East. The Clinton reversals were revealing little by little that Clinton was getting desperate. He told lies to cover lies and his solutions were to start a conflict to rally support and patriotism.

It was revealed in a reversal that President Clinton had sex with an Oregon Madam. What did this mean? David was unaware of what it meant. Someone then told him that Monica Lewinsky, the intern at the Whitehouse who claimed that she had sex with the president attended College in Portland. Clinton unwittingly confessed in his reversals back in February of 1998 of his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky. By this Time, David John Oates was being talked about on other shows his technique was being toyed with by others. Some, were serious, some were in jest. KYKY in St. Louis began reversing Clinton speeches and finding Phrases as well. Some were very clear, and while the bit was tongue in cheek it was very interesting to see people reversing for fun as well.

I made an appearance on KUBL 93.3 Fm and talked a little about reverse speech. I was on the morning show talking about my show Ground Zero. One of the questions I was asked was “Do you believe in David John Oates and his theories on Reverse Speech.?” I told them back then that everything seems to be in order and that if it isn’t real then David sure knows how to twist a coincidence. Even at EBC the company that generates Earthmail we were reversing speech for fun. There were a number of pretty women who came in and visited one of our tech personelle. We were talking and a very flirtatious one started talking about sex. I was in the Studio and her conversation was recorded in the computer. She was a fan of Ground Zero. She went on and on about how she listened all the time. Then she brought up how sexy she thought David John Oates accent was. I laughed, because David has that type of effect on all the female fans I talk to. Usually it’s “Love your show”, “listen all the time”, and then “I just Love that Australian guy, you know the guy who does reverse speech.” I confessed that her conversation was on the computer and that we could reverse it, and see if it is all real. She reluctantly agreed. During her conversations about sex, there were words like “Head” “Peter” and “Love Muscle” in her reversals. She was embarrassed. Later she took me aside and told me that she uses the term “Love Muscle” in bed. It was a little bit uncomfortable to say the least. Not in a bad way though…

August 1998 The President Confesses:

In his confession speech, the president was delivering more sound bites, than a convincing apology. His emotions were flying everywhere both forward and backwards. Reversals ranged from “Lusty Monica you served me enough fuss” to “Foul, you may have found me out.” More grist for the truth behind the revelations in reverse. It doesn’t stop with the confessions and the subsequent lies that he told to the American people regarding his inappropriate behavior. After I heard the news of the lies and the confession I did some checking and decided to write an article on Monica Lewinsky, and my observations regarding the state of the country. It was bleak. I felt that this situation would escalate further into something more devastating. My hunch was right. I was told of the attack on The Sudan and Afghanistan. I never thought that I would hear the Phrase “Wag The Dog ” again in my lifetime.

Well once again it seemed that this whole mess looked like it was neatly planned by a spin-doctor, or snake oil Salesman. I was cynical. I really thought that perhaps this whole thing was a farce and that for the first time I was seeing my government toying with people. The president mentioned another “bad guy” Osama Bin Laden. I ran a check on the Internet and came up with nothing. Then after a few days found that he was an Afghan freedom fighter who was hired by our very own CIA to fight the Russians. He was a good guy. Now he is a bad guy. I saw the pattern, Noriega, Hussein, Khadaffy, all allies turned sour. All CIA monsters made to hate. Making our government look so wonderful. Making Clinton look like commander in chief once again. I was about ready to shut down my Tracy California UFO crash investigation and hoped to Catch David for a show. David told me he had a reversal he wanted me to hear.
He sent it to me.. It was Clinton talking about the new situation in the Sudan. Reversed it said “I am a snake oil terrorist.” I had to agree that what we did was an act of terrorism, mainly because Osama Bin Laden was not killed, but innocent people. We became the aggressors. My country who always said we will not give into terrorism. We now have to face the consequences of taking a stick to a beehive. Some one is going to get stung.

The world is on the verge of a very ugly war. Where Sex and Fear will be tools for disrupting organization. In the past few days, there has been trouble in Russia, Khadaffy has turned over terrorist suspects in the plane bombing over Lockerbie Scotland. North Korea fired a Missile over Japan and a plane leaving New York complained of Smoke in the Cockpit and crashed in Nova Scotia. I saw an article in USA today that has summed up the feeling of the past two weeks, “World Markets Crumble.”

Not only are the world markets crumbling, but the strong powers are as well. Terror will probably be at our door step, within the next year, and it is all part of the plan of ruin. The road to a destined Armageddon. One seer will be very busy in the rocky road to the Millenium. A man who find his Revelations in reverse. David John Oates is a man that you will be hearing a lot about in the future. Because It looks more and more like Reverse Speech is literally an “inside” source to the truth and the lies that hide deep in mankind’s hearts.